Whether kilalagril.com is scam? Kilalagril.com Review

Whether kilalagril.com is scam? Kilalagril.com Review

Every woman is addicted to shopping in this era of globalization. Various websites are invented on a daily basis which provides assistance to customers all over the world. As we are fully aware of the fact that many website are developed to fulfill their motive of duping people.

Recently we came across an online shopping website namely kilalagril.com which is a new invention these days.

Hence we congratulate all of you to our review about kilalagril.com. This is a great initiative from your side for the safety of society. In case you are running late and want to known right here then we concludes that kilalagril.com is absolutely scam and fake. Reasons for considering kilalagril.com scam are listed below.

Whether kilalagril.com is scam? Kilalagril.com Review

What is kilalagril.com?

Kilalagril.com is an online shopping website which claims to provide comfort at their lap. The company provides variety of products and has focused more over women attire. The stock itself does not limit to the clothing section but has widened their path by selling numerous varieties of accessories and prints.

The website has its branches all over the world. Hence they deliver their products in each and every part of the world. They believe in providing various choice options which excites people to a great limit.

The question arises whether kilalagril.com is legit website or just another scam to dupe the emotions of innocent people?

Reasons for Non Recommendation:

Whenever we shop online we are curious to know the operating team behind the company. In case there are no such details then it creates an environment of doubt and stress. There are various sites which cater people since many years and they have mentioned the details of their owner. Some of them are Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. This is not the case with kilalagril.com as the company has not taken a pinch of pain by providing any details about their owner.

Even if you observe the WHOIS records then we could not see such information on it. This absolutely proves the fraudulent nature of the company and its operator. The reason behind this secret is because the company wants to hide their identity whenever some mishappening occurs.

Other than this the company is providing huge discounts on the products they are selling. No such company sells products on huge rebate as their main motive is to generate revenue. Thus such high discounts will cluster their business. Therefore only such scam sites have courage to mark huge discount because they are aware that the quality of the product will not match the money they have charged. Or either they will not deliver your ordered products.

The third factor which can be claimed is that a scam site like kilalagril.com is prone to cyber attack. Whenever you will contact them for acknowledging about your order they will pen down all your details immediately. Then the company will detect your money using your card on behalf of your product and that too without notification. They will even send your financial and personal details to the third party which will use the information for personal motive.

Hence if you are providing such details to the company you are making their task much easier. Thus we suggest you all to check prior before submitting such details to unknown site.

The company is quite phony and has utilized the art of flowery words to dupe more and more people in their vicious trap. The content on the official site of kilalagril.com is boggy and mismanaged. Even if you observe the logos mentioned on the site, they are non clickable. In simple words whenever you will tap on the logos provided they will fetch you no reaction. This is the result of less resources and the idea of short run continuity. Hence the company chooses the option to invest less on scam sites.

The company in their “Return and Refund Policy” had claimed that the exchanged products should be send back in their original packing. But it’s not possible due to the reason that without trial the products cannot be attempted for return.

Many customers have viewed their annoyance by complaining about the fake tracking id. After placing an order the company will provide you with a tracking id which can be used for checking the status of your order. While others were upset about the quality of the products they were delivered with. Such cases relive low customer score.


In case you have already become one of the victims of kilalagril.com then we advise you to lose all your contact with the company immediately and come in touch with your bank to force stop your payment and reissue you another card. This will gain security to your financial reports. It is also advisable to check the background of initial site which have camped online few months back as they do not have security and customer trust.

Other than this we recommend you to perform a task of being a responsible citizen by spreading your experience with kilalagril.com with the rest of the world. This will aware others and they will think twice before falling for such online scams. You can share your message through the medium of internet as everyone these days are connected with one such.


In our final verdict we claim that kilalagril.com is absolutely a scam site which motives to dupe innocent people. These scammers use your personal and financial details for their own benefit and even sell them to the third party.

Thus, it is preferable to research the background of the company and its owner before submitting any details or trusting them.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.