What is Kuupi.com? Inflatable Toys Store- Is Kuupi a Scam?

What is Kuupi.com? Inflatable Toys Store- Is Kuupi a Scam?

Hey guys, today we are here and we are going to discuss inflatable Toys Store, “Kuupi”. You are here so it is sure that you want to know about this website and we will try our best to make you understand all the things about this site. We know that some questions are on your mind for which you are here and want to get all the answers. Such as, is Kuupi a Scam? Or Is Kuupi Legit? Or Is Kuupi Real? Or Is Kuupi Fake? What is the Company background? How does this Company work? What are their plans or offers? Do not worry, we will answer you all your questions but first of all, we want to clear you that we “Do Not Recommend” this site for working with our readers.

Today, it’s a time of online shopping but it does not mean that we do shopping from any of the sites. First, we make sure that is this site legit or fake. Nowadays we also check that if we do not like the product, can we get the refund or not. Inflatable Toys Store, Kuupi is also an online shopping store from where you can buy many toys for your children. This site has many exciting offers, big discount. After analyzing, we get that we should not recommend this site to our readers. Our duty is that to make aware of fraud sites.

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What is Kuupi.com Is Kuupi Scam or Legit Is Kuupi Real or Fake Kuupi review, Kuupi

What is Kuupi (inflatable Toys Store) and how does it work?

Kuupi is a shopping website which deals online. Kuupi (Inflatable Toy Store) is a toy store for children. On their website, they show their toys with attractive names, colors and of course discount. When children saw this and they can not stay without buying.  They give the exciting and adventurous name to their toys. Like, Rocky mountain river race, moonwalk and many more.

We saw that there is minimum discount is 50% and the maximum is 87%. Discount offers are very lucrative and attractive, right? But think once that are they working only for 13%? According to them, they are giving people all their 87% from their pocket. Why? But real question is that, is Inflatable Toy Store Kuupi safe or not?

We study about this site and we get that there is a big chance of being a scam. So stay away from such doubtable sites. This is not good to buy from this site. Today people stole the words for their site which are very similar to a big brand and try to take advantage of that.  So do not be the target of such greedy people.  Every Company who want to stand in the market for a long time will have to be loyal to their customers by which they can maintain the dignity of their company.  If the company is reputable and loyal for their customers but sometimes their products have any defect then people do not leave to shop from them because they know that the product can be replaced within a limited time.

The Kuupi an Inflatable Toys Store do not stand in our parameter because:

  • They do not have any service center where we can repair our toys.
  • They do not have any customer care number where we can claim about the product.
  • People trust in the name or brand of the company but here the Kuupi, site name i.e. Inflatable toys store and the site domain are not same.

Above all are the major reasons for which we do not recommend this site. This site can scam you many ways. Like,

  • When you buy any product from their site you will automatically provide your personal information to them. They can use your personal information. There are many ways of using your information. Like, they can sell your personal information to the third party and for this, they will get a huge amount. We think that there is no need to tell you that what can people do with your information.
  • Above we told you that people stole the words which are very similar to a big brand and without checking them you start the shop.
  • As we told you that the name of the site is similar and you bought any stuff and if that one is bad quality product then what can you do?


The Online Shopping Store Kuupi is a Scam website. Above we discussed that inflatable toys store, Kuupi is an online shopping site. We discussed its working style, its offers, discount, its legitimacy and company background etc. Eventually, we realize that company does not stand in our parameter. So we “do Not Recommend” this site.

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