What is Kyani.com? Is Kyani Scam or legit?

What is Kyani.com? Is Kyani Scam or legit?

If you are looking to know about the Kyani.com site then congrats you are reading and viewing the perfect article to get the answer of all your curiosity. In this Kyani review we are going to answer some of the basic questions that creates doubt about the company. Questions like, is Kyani Scam? Or is Kyani Legit? Or is Kyani Fake? Or is Kyani Real? What are the Kyani product reviews and Kyani negative reviews? If you are not concerned about the reasons behind our review then we can help you to lower your burden of reading the whole article. We can summarize the whole article for you. Kyani is not a scam site which means it is a 100% legit company. We are placing the Kyani in our “Promising section” and not in the “Trusted and Legit” work because we place only those site in our trusted and legit that have provide good opportunity to earn money and also in which risk is very low. The Kyani site does not provide any good opportunity to its member. Actually, the business in which company is working is already gets saturated and there is not much scope left. It will be very difficult for anyone to earn money from this site.

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What is Kyani.com Is Kyani Scam or Legit Is Kyani Real or Fake Kyani Review, Kyani

What is Kyani all about?

It is a network marketing firm or you can say ‘company’ in simple way. It is working on a (MLM) “multi-level marketing” scheme. The Kyani products are related to health and wellness. They are dealing in healthy supplements also. Some products of Kyani are Kyani sunset, Kyani sunrise and Kyani nitro fix they are also sold in Amazon site. There is also a probability that the company product you may have encountered somewhere online. There are many people who work as distributor of this company. The products of Kyani are much popular in marketing business. Thousands of people are working as a marketing distributor of Kyani products.

How to earn money on Kyani?

As you know that marketing business work on commissions, people sell the product of the company and earn commission on that sale. Similar is the working of the Kyani. You have to make recruits also to earn a commission on it. The point arise is that do we recommend this site. The answer is that we do not recommend this site much. What we are trying to say is that there is an opportunity to earn money on this site but it is very marginal. The company is good but you will not be able to earn good money. Why to waste your time on this site when you can invest the same time on some other companies. If you want to know about such sites then you can visit our ‘Trusted and Legit Work’ section and know about the other good sites working on the internet. It is very arduous task or an impossible task to earn money from this site for the newbies. If you are an expert then the situation is different but for those who are new and starting their work in the affiliate marketing it is not the place to start your work.

Products review

Kyani has three main products like Kyani sunrise, Kyani sunset and the Kyani Nitro Fx. The ingredients of the Kyani sunrise include amla, spinach, broccoli, aloe Vera etc. which are very rich in vitamins and nutrients. Other products are also good but the problem arises when the recommenders or the distributors or sellers recommend wrong product to the customer without knowing the exact problem. It happens because they do not know much about their products.

Negative reviews

There are some major negative reviews we have seen around the net regarding the Kyani. The customer service of Kyani has been unsatisfactory and it is point out by many customers of Kyani. It is because of company policy of 30 days money back guarantee which they did not follow strictly. They delay the process of refund and many customers has to chase down the company for the refund or money back. Another reasons is about the expensive membership. The Kyani membership is expensive and the employees need to buy the products from the company before sell it. It makes the distributor a dependent seller. Distributor has to invest a lot and take more risk with their own money. As we have already told you above that the market is already saturated and there are many big competitors in the market. You will not be able to earn good money and also lose your own rank if you not speed up selling of products.


Kyani is a good working company and legitimate company. But we do not recommend it as our “Trusted and Legit site” the reasons are already given above. There are lots of work you can do in the market and earn good money from them instead of working on this site. It is totally your choice to work on this site or not. Our concern is very simple we want to place a true picture of the company in-front of your readers. As the Kyani claims to be get rich fast by selling their product. But it is not true 100%, it is a very long journey to become rich by selling their products. Therefore, to know more about the sites which are legit and help people to earn a good money then you can visit out “Trusted and Legit Work” section.

To know about the best company which is very good in this field then we provide you the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company is working from 2005 and still working very hard to help people around the world. Many people have availed the benefits of training programs and services of this company to start their online work and many people get successful in their adventure. To get more information about the  Wealthy Affiliate Company, please do visit our page containing its review by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you got any doubt against this company, then you can simply ask you by commenting in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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