Can doing Laundry fetch online money? Laundry Care Review

People are becoming busy day by day with the involvement of new quotidian inventions. As we know there are various similar websites and applications evolved these days. Therefore most of them are harmful to the welfare of the society.

Hence, we congratulate all our readers for taking an initiative towards their safety. Your research ends right here. In this article we will discuss various points about Laundry Care app. As the name itself suggests that the application is related about bag-wash. This is ultimately an exclusive opportunity for people.

We will be covering all the major aspects that can pretend to prove the legitimacy of Laundry Care application. Otherwise the company can turn out to be a great manipulation for the users.

Can doing Laundry fetch online money? Laundry Care Review

What is Laundry Care app?

Basically, Laundry Care is an application invented for the professional and scheduled families. The opportunity is pretty uncommon and eccentric in the world of today.

The individual contractors will be given a job to pick up the laundry of busy people and do the bag-wash in their convenient spaces either it can be a home. In simple words, the people will be hired as jobber, whose work will be to pick up the untidy laundry from their customer home and return them back after washing, drying, ironing, and folding the clothes. The clothes should be returned within 48 hours of the period.

All the initial consumer sign-ups, billing, and pay off processing will be done by the company. As you being the member of the company you will have to select your working hours which will be convenient for you to pick up the garments and how many client you would be comfortable to handle in each or a week.

The application is available for both Android and iOS users. Hence the application place consistency in the work by availing new clients, knowing their requirements, and much more.

Currently the application providence is in 18 cities with covering US and some parts of Canada. Therefore the Company is working towards the expansion and growth.


As the company is hiring credible and trouble free people therefore Laundry Care has set some of the basic requirements to be a part of the Company.

  • Firstly if you think of joining Laundry Care then is sure that you must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must have a valid driving license.
  • For laundry you mandatory have a washer and a dryer.
  • You must have a mobile phone which can smartly manage the schedule of your work.
  • You must a high speed internet connection for receiving the notifications of pickups and delivery.
  • Daytime availability.

How does Laundry Care works?

Firstly you will be required to install the application either from Google Play Store or App Store. Before installing the application you should sure that you are at least 21 years to become a contractor of Laundry Care application.

As according to the claims of the company you will be investing a whole day on the application procedure and thereafter more 3-5 days will be taken in order to get you materials for start up business.

Initially you will be required to fill your details in the application form including name, email address, contact number, current location, etc.

Then you will be required to answer eight of the multiple choice questions with “yes” or “no”. Questions include valid license, daytime availability, washer and a dryer, have you ever opposed of assault, do you own a Smartphone, etc.

Thereafter you will be asked to fill up your current address and a small introduction about yourself is required. Then a full on explanation about birth of date, description about the proper launder procedure and your last two working status. In the Laundry procedure description you will have to disintegrate each and every step in the order that the Laundry Care Company can understand your working. You will even have to upload a snap of your laundry space and keep in mind to immaculate and organize the room before you take a picture.

The last step to be fulfilled of the application process is agreeing to the contents provided by the Laundry Care. The contract contains the terms the in the course of your term you will be facing some private details and will be relied on some business presentation. Hence you will authorize to the terms laid down by the Company.

Secondly you will be required to select the location where you will be working on. As you have to be comfortable with the timings of your schedule.

Lastly you will have to render a video presentation. As this a sole task hence it can be completed the same day when you submit your applications and select your working hours. Your video interview is been observed by the Laundry Care team, so make sure to record the video in a clean and lit environment with detail answering.

Thereafter you finish all the mentioned steps you will get to know whether you are selected as a team member of Laundry Care or not. In order to receive your working tools or say materials it will take 3 to 5 days of time.


Though laundry is a quite simple procedure but still the company provides considerable training program for its members in order to help them to set up a successful business platform. This program will fetch best out of you and will make you learn about the usage of the application is the most decent way. This will help you to will help to understand the motives of marketing tools and manage the schedule with the clients.

This unique job is way too flexible and you can work on your own working conditions. You can select your comfortable working hours and locations. Even you will be solely responsible to accept or decline a new laundry washing request of a client.

How much does Laundry Care pays?

If we talk about an average basis then members will receive $200 in each week. Therefore the successful professionals have even earned $500 – $700 in each week. Helpers get $19 – $20 for processing each laundry bag. Generally each laundry bag contains 2-3 cargo of laundry. Even there are extra charges for urgent orders, courier services, ironing.

You will receive your payment every week through a direct deposit.

An initial hoarding of $30 has to be done for receiving supply kit. The material consists of nylon bags, plastic bag tags and clear garment covers. Every customer is charged for a Laundry Care bag. While progressing as you tend to grow you will need more bags. Even you will also have to incur the expense of fuel, detergent, and other basic needs. But it is advisable to use dryer balls to minimize the cost.


Laundry Care is expanding steadily with providing vast opportunities to their members. As for now no feedback are available. According to the active members that application has quite up surging reviews. One thing that I observed was slow progress. The business set up takes a quite long time. this thing requires a bit of patience.


With my observation into consideration Laundry Care is not a scam app. It’s completely legit with the trust of many people working behind it.

If you love to do laundry stuff then this is your platform otherwise you should opt for something of your interest.

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If you have any doubts or queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.


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