Legal Shield Reviews – Is Legal Shield a Scam?

Legal Shield Reviews – Is Legal Shield a Scam?

Hello friends, if you are looking to know about the Legal Shield then we can help you with that. In this, Legal Shield review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is Legal Shield Scam? Or is Legal Shield Legit? Or is Legal Shield Fake? Or is Legal Shield Real? All these questions will give the glimpse of the company working and their functions. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can help you with that. This site is not a scam, if you work hard you can earn also as they do not have much competition in their business. You need to really work hard to earn a fulltime income. There are many other methods also available on the internet that can help you to earn a fulltime income.

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What is Is Legalshield Scam or Legit Is Legalshield Real or Fake Legalshield Review, Legalshield

What is Legal Shield and how it works?

Legal Shield started when Harland Stonecipher got into a vehicle accident and was hospitalized in 1969. His life savings get depleted trying to defend him for something that he didn’t do. From here the idea of Legal Shield was born. Originally the name of the company was Sportsmans’ Motor Club in 1972. After it, they changed its name to Pre-Paid Legal Services in 1984. After 2001 they again changed their official name to ‘Legal Shield’. Today this company employs 800 people with offices and total revenue was $416 million in 2011.

Today, Legal Shield employs over 800 people with offices and total revenue was $416 million in 2011. This company has faced some legal problems in the past but they still continue to grow. This is all about the company history and how they until work. Now let’s talk about the money. The real question is that can anyone earn money on this site or not.

Legal Shield – The Products

They have a different variety of products and services on their sites. Even though it is a company dealing in legal matters still they have products for its customers. The commercialization has grown so much. Legal Shield has 3 main categories:

  1. Personal Legal Plans (Basic plans range $14.95-$29.95 per month)
  2. Identity Theft Plans (Basic plans range from $14.95-$19.95 per month)
  3. Small Business Plans (Basic plans range from $105-$175 per month)

These plans also have some add-on which one can purchase according to their need and requirement. Legal Shield has provided a low price legal advice or affordable to get to speak to experienced attorneys. The best thing is that attorney advice is available without a huge hourly rate that is associated with it. One thing is for sure we can say that in the networking market this company is not going to have any much competition. It is hardly any company available that deals with the product with which Legal Shield is dealing.

Legal Shield Compensation Plan

Like any other network marketing company, the compensation plan of Legal Shield is confusing. The compensation plan video is available on their site. You are going to earn money every time you enroll someone on this site or project. We are not discussing much the compensation plan because it is available on the companies to plan easily. One can earn money on this site, it is possible and profitable also.


Legal Shield is not a scam. This site is working legally even though it faces some legal cases. But this is what they are dealing with. Their work is also dealing with legal matters so it is not hard for them to consult people. This company is on the market for very long. No scam can work so long. Their products are affordable and there isn’t another MLM with a similar product. So you can work on this site to earn money. Again it takes time to earn a very good income but if you want to try this site then go ahead. People generally, the complaint because they are not able to make new recruits, so work hard if you want to earn or complaint against the site.

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If you have any doubt regarding Legal Shield site or any other site please share it with us. We will be happy to help you out.

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