Is LegerWeb a Scam? Getting Money or Just a Hope!!

Hello folks, here we are again with our new article on another site which is creating a hype among people.

Since you are in this article, it means you are searching for the LegerWeb Review. We in this article going to touch some critical questions like, is LegerWeb Scam? Or is Leger Web Legit?

We know that there are different kind of sites working on it. The Internet has broken the boundaries of the physical world and now we can work for any company while not physically present in their office.

This leads to the development of work from home. Now, many sites are trying to take the advantage of this. There are many sites working online to provide work from home to many people and Leger Web is one of them.

We really appreciate your effort to know about the site first instead of getting involved in it. The question that is LegerWeb is legit or not? The answer for it is dubious. The reason is given in the article below. But do we recommend this site or not, is simple. We do Not Recommend LegerWeb. Their working seems to be a scam but we cannot prove it, similarly, LegerWeb does not have any proof of their legitimacy. Also, there is no use to work on this site, as better opportunities are available on the internet.

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What is Is Legerweb Scam or Legit Is Legerweb Pro Real or Fake Elite Legerweb Review, Legerweb

What is legerWeb and how does it work?

As per the site, this is a Canadian survey site. It rewards its members on completing the surveys. They are offering $1 per survey and $2-$3 for long surveys.

The site did not provide any information about its owner (this is the feature of a scam site and that is why we never recommend any company or site, who lacks in transparency).

Survey works for a company and they get the opinion of the people on their product or other products and services, popular in the market.

Many famous companies or brand always carry out the survey. It helps them to know about the public needs and views. This helps them to know about which product demand is in the market. It helps them to know, how their product is performing. It also helps them to know what kind of strategy to be used for their new product.

Here, comes the work of LegerWeb. It is like a link between the company and people. LegerWeb takes contracts from the companies and pays people to solve the survey for them. This way everyone is benefitting.

Joining of LegerWeb

It is free to join. All that is required is an email and password. After you confirm your email address, you have to complete your member’s profile. This profile contains the information about you like, age, gender, address, and other personal information.

Note: this company is taking every measure to know you. So that they can sure that you are a real person with working email and other things. But the company has not provided any information about them. This happened generally among scam sites.

Money: how much can you earn?

The LegerWen have a very good commission for people. They are offering to pay $1 for a survey which usually takes only 8-10 minutes. One can more than $1 for longer surveys. But you must know that there is no guarantee that you will get qualify for the survey.

This is one common problem faced by people in every survey site (whether it is legit or not). Initially, people did not know that they qualify for the survey which they are taking. They get to know after some time.

The other and most common way to earn is via referrals. Referrals are the strategy used by almost every site. To popularize their site and have traffic on it. With each referral, you earn $1 and it is also when your referral completes their first survey.

There are some monthly sweepstakes are also present that can win you hundreds or thousands in cash.

Payment method of LegerWeb?

The minimum payout limit or the limit after which you can request for payment is $20 on this site. You have the option to get your money. You can take real money, AirMiles (Airplane credit) or you can donate your money to charity. They usually take 30 days to show your money in your account.

Pros of LegerWeb: the only good point we found it that they are paying well. If you compared the money they are paying to its members with other surveys sites (even those who are old) then they are providing the very great amount.

Complaints of LegerWeb

  1. Not enough survey: many members have complained about not getting a survey on the site. Actually, they have not seen any survey on the site. Also, the chances to complete one survey per day is zero (due to many factors).
  2. Limited options to earn money: other legit survey sites provide options to its members to earn money online. Other sites, addition to the surveys offer to search the web, watching videos and listening to music and other things. But in LegerWeb you face the limit to earn money and that is also not enough.
  3. Not a listed company: LegerWeb is not listed in the Better Business Bureau.
  4. No payment via PayPal: many people have the complaint that they are not able to receive their money via PayPal account.  This difficulty of receiving money left people with only option to take Airplane credit or Airmiles.


It is hard to declare this site a scam site as we do not have many proofs and only reasons. But we do Not Recommend this site it is sure. They have failed to provide numbers of surveys to its members. It means it will take much time to cross their minimum payout limit. Even if some people complete them they have to wait for the next 30 days to see their money in an account. It is not a good way to work for even getting pocket money. If you really want to earn a good money then you must read about our no. 1 recommendation.

The Wealthy Affiliate Company, it has different training programs to offer and different services that already helped many people to earn fulltime online income. To get more information about the training programs and other things of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding the LegerWeb site please share it with us. You can write to us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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