Is LifeWave a Scam? Know What Others will not Tell You!

Hi folks, it seems that you also come to know about the LifeWavesite. This company is working in a healthcare sector which is very common among MLM Companies. In this LifeWave Review, we will answer some of the most asked questions like, is LifeWave Scam? Or is LifeWave Legit? These questions generally rise for MLM Companies. It is so because sometimes people were not able to mark a difference between MLM and Pyramid schemes.

Many people do not want to read the whole article and if you are one of them then we can provide you the crux of this article in the next few lines. LifeWave is not a scam site. It is pretty much legit. Details we are going to discuss in our article below. For people who are new to online marketing and want to earn through this site then it is not a good site to earn a good income. This is why we do Not Recommend this site also.

Earning is not much good in LifeWave but it is not the last resort. There are many sites working online that are legit and perfect to earn income. To know about those sites please click the link to see our list of the legit sites:

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What is Is Lifewave Scam or Legit Is Lifewave Real or Fake Lifewave Review, Lifewave

What is LifeWave?

It is a networking marketing site which deals with healthcare products. Healthcare sector is very vast and many members are fighting to acquire the market. They are working on the MLM scheme. In MLM scheme the company pays to its members to earn money by selling their products or recruiting new members. If you want to know about the MLM companies please click the link given:

David Schmidt founded LifeWave in 2004. It is currently based in California, US.

He has 25 years of experience in business and product development and he held the position of CEO in this company. This company has grown very well and their annual global revenue has reached $5 to $10 million. This company is a pretty much legit company and one can associate with it without hesitation.

LifeWave’s Product Range

LifeWave focuses is on health and wellness products. Some of their categories are:

  1. WinFit: it consists of fitness equipment, currently offering 4 items in it.
    1. WinFit Body Shaping System -$299.95
    2. Resistance Bands (Small) – $21.95
    3. Resistance Bands (Large) – $44.95
    4. WinFit Monthly Maintenance Kit – $149.95
  2. Skincare products:
    1. Alavida Regenerating Trio – $199.95
    2. Alavida Nightly Restore Facial Crème – $99.95
    3. Alavida Daily Refresh Facial Nectar – $79.95
  3. Nutrition SupplementTheta One – $99.9
    1. CORSENTIALS – $129.95
    2. Theta Activate – $69.95
    3. Nirvana Mood Enhancer – $179.95
  1. Patches: it is a flagship product of LifeWave. The company claimed it to be clinically proven to stimulate acupuncture points and improve the energy flow in the body. Benefits of this product are pain relief, sleep improvement, anti-aging, weight loss etc.

LifeWave Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of LifeWave is similar to other MLM companies i.e. confusing. It also has a downline formula in which commission is distributed to every line. Generally, there are 2 ways to earn income but in this site, there are 5 different ways to get paid:

  1. Membership Application Fee
  2. Product Commission
  3. Recruitment Commission
  4. Binary Commission
  5. Matching Bonus Commission

We are not explaining all these commissions as our main focus is to tell you can you earn income on this site or not. To get a good understanding you can visit their site and a good look. Now as you know this site is legit and provide an opportunity to earn money also, then why we are not recommended it.

Do you know 90% of distributor fails to earn money in MLM Company? Genuine companies that want their distributors to earn income to provide some training or methods. But there is nothing like it present in this site. You are going to fail in this pursuit to earn income by selling the product and that is because people did not have the understanding of how market function and how to engage people and get a lead.

In general, people start selling the products to their family member and known people but this list gets saturated after some time. You stop getting income and then you lose the interest. This way you are not able to build downline for you. Even your recruits are not enthusiastic about the work and they did not make even one recruit below them which also hamper your earning. Therefore, to income, you need a better understanding, skills and how online marketing works.


LifeWave is not a scam site. It is a pretty good legit site. We do Not Recommend it as your earning will be not much on this site. You required new and better ways and methods to earn online income. If you really want to understand how online marketing works and how you can make money online then you must see our no. 1 recommendation.

The Wealthy Affiliate Company is our no.1 recommended company. They are in the business for the last 13 years and they have already helped many people around the world to have their own online business and earn a fulltime online income. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding LifeWave please tell us by commenting in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.