What is Listverse.com? Is Listverse Scam or legit?

What is Listverse.com? Is Listverse Scam or legit?

Are you trying to get the review about the Listverse.com? You have arrived at your desired destination. In this Listverse review, we are going to inform you about the company working. How can you earn from Listverse? Is Listverse Scam or not? Is Listverse Legit? Is Listverse Real or not? Is Listverse Fake? If you are also seeking the answer to stated questions then one this is clear that you are a wise person who understands to know about the site before start working for it blindfold. So what you are seeking, we are going to provide you that in this article. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide you the summary of this article. Listverse is a good site and it is not a scam. This site is working legibly. They are authentic and also pay to its member who works for them. To understand the working of the Listverse, we advise you to read the full article below.

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What is Listverse.com Is Listverse Scam or Legit Is Listverse Real or Fake Listverse Review, Listverse

How does Listverse work? How to earn in Listverse?

Listverse is a legit site. We are clearing it in the beginning; therefore, we can talk about its working freely in our article. Let’s start with the company background. The Listverse is started by the Jamie Frater. By profession, he was a software developer. He created this site due to his desire to share fascinating, obscure and bizarre facts. There is much you can find out about the Listverse. The Listverse site provides the list and name of the key people working on this site. The Listverse is actually working as an online magazine site, which has a very good number of readers on their site. We want to share one fact here that is the company who provide their information and about the people working on the site then that company is genuine. It is the characteristic of a genuine company that did not hide their information with its member because it will then hamper the company work and also decreases their credibility.

The Listverse is also good for the people who want to work as a freelancer. You can writ for this site and also earn money. The company is going to give you $100 per article. The person who is good in writing or who wants to have the knowledge about the different things and also the person who loves to write differently can earn money on this site. As we have already mentioned that Listverse works like an online magazine. You have to submit your work and get paid for it if your article is get selected.

To start working on this site, you have to find out the ‘not-so-obvious’ menus and click on the “More button”. You will find a sub-heading with a title “Write & Get Paid”. This link will take you to the page that mentions ‘get $100 for your list of 10’. All you need a PayPal account to receive your payment, and a list of exciting things. You to submit your content on their site, but it will be advisable, before writing or submitting your great content, you should read the Author Guide first.

Some Hints and Tips

  1. The list must be your own work. It means you should not copy it from somebody. It should be your brainchild.
  2. It must include 10 items.
  3. The list must be written in 1800 words which include the introduction also.
  4. Include quantity online source (Wikipedia and Huffington post) that verify your facts listed in your list.
  5. Format the source according to the section 7 of the Author’s Guide
  6. Last not the least; do not forget to read the entire Author’s guide before submitting.

You can look the list available on the site which will guide you to make your own list of 10. The topics, for example, we have seen on the sites are like,

  1. Top 10 interesting notes found in bottles.
  2. 10 of the most gruesome serial killer murders
  3. 1 crazy ways past human cultures sexuality
  4. 10 Amazing Ancient insults.
  5. 10 Oldest animals alive
  6. 10 Dating tips from history that could improve your love life
  7. 10 bearded ladies who defied beauty conventions
  8. 10 democratic leaders who abused their power
  9. 10 Dark moments in the History of Satanism

The majority of review you also find about the Listverse is positive. Many people have written that they get paid or many have written that they are in the process of making their list of 10. There were also some comments we have seen regarding the interview of the owner, raising the specter of the site’s possible demise. But what we want to question here is that is this site allows you to make an earning or money online?

There are some comments we have seen that said they receive their payment on the same day and some people got the message that they will get money after 14 days. This might be a hint that the company is going through a financial crunch or troubles. Some people got their earning after numbers of email.

Can you make Money on this site?

Yes, you can make money on this site. It is true. However, if you are thinking that you can earn income on this site then it is quite blind hope. It is because you have to research a lot of your top 10 things and then it has to be get selected by the site. To earn an income you have to make a dozen of articles. That is also not going to make your income. To writing a dozen of the articles is possible in a week but getting selected is difficult.

We accept that this is a unique or different site. A freelancer can work on this site and can earn a side income or extra cash. It allows a member to enjoy their writing and think differently. Most of the content writer wrote the articles which are the need of their company. They are not usually an out of box thinking. In content writing, people have to write what is provided and what will be good for Google ranking. Their main aim is to target ranking so that helps them to increase the traffic on their site. In that sense, Listverse is a unique and different site that allows you to enjoy the process as well as your article.

Positive points

  1. Instructions are simple.
  2. You got a chance to explore your own creativity and the world around you.
  3. Simple instructions
  4. Submitting list is simple
  5. You get your byline attached

Negative Points

  1. The daunting task of 1800 words. It is not easy to get it.
  2. No guarantee of payment.
  3. There are no assignments
  4. To get a good article, it takes your’s too much time.
  5. Only for native English speaker.


Listverse is a good site. It is not a scam. It is a good site to earn extra cash. For people who write for fun and do not want to write in a limited area then it is a good site. You have to think out of the box list to get selected your article. It is always good to earn extra money. But if you are thinking to earn a fulltime income from this site then you are over expecting from this site.

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If you have any doubt about the Listverse site then mention it in our comment box. We will resolve it. Wet will be happy to help you.