Wish to earn legit money? LiveTribe Review

In the era of globalization people are running towards the opportunities to earn legit money online. On daily basis new opportunities are revealing to the society which helps them to soothe their passion of earning online. Therefore some of these occasions of earning tend to corrupt people by their scam ideas.

Recently we came across a survey panel which claims to pay legit money namely LiveTribe. Likely the same question is arising in mind whether is it worth using LiveTribe?

In this article we will cover all the major aspects can conclude whether LiveTribe is legit or another scam tricked by scammers.

Wish to earn legit money? LiveTribe Review

What is LiveTribe?

LiveTribe is a platform which flourishes surveys to its members. This survey panel is owned and run by an Australian company known as i – Link Research Solutions.

To work as a member of LiveTribe you should be residing in either Australia or New Zealand. In case you are not a resident of Australia or New Zealand then there are number of other opportunities lying on internet which provide earning from the comfort of your home.

Being one of the members of LiveTribe you will receive an advantage to influence the decisions, products and services of the leading brands. In simpler words, you can share your valuable opinions on the products and services Company is asking for.

All the surveys you conquer will fetch you points which afterwards can be exchanged for eGift cards or cash via PayPal. Greatly, the company is paying its members through PayPal which is the most reliable source of payment. Remember that 740 points you accumulate in LiveTribe is equivalent to $1.

Other than participating in surveys the company LiveTribe provides other opportunities to fetch points which are mentioned below:

  • $5000 Giveaway: This occasion to earn money lets you earn a lottery of $5000. This opportunity takes place in every 3 months. For being a part you can get an entry in the draw by participating in surveys.
  • Polls: In this unit you can propose the names for the polls and in case if they get published the company will render you 1000 points.
  • Monthly Competition: You can earn $100 in the form of a reward when you participate in a competition which happens every month. And if you answer the raised questions correctly then the company LiveTribe will provide you a prize of $100.

How LiveTribe does tend to work?

Joining LiveTribe is quick and easy. The procedure laid by the company is very much straightforward. You will be required to submit some of your details including name, last name, password, email address, contact info and date of birth.

Thereafter you will be taken to questionnaire where you will answer some brief questions related to your personal life such as education, marital status, annual income, employment status and many more. Once your profile is completed the company will flourish you with 750 points as sign up bonus. Thereafter your first income with LiveTribe will work as a start up and hence you will receive more invitations for surveys via email.

Completing surveys:

When you will log in you can visit the member’s area where there will be displayed plenty of surveys available in the current period of time. The survey invitation will be send you on your email that you have submitted.

Prior to getting started with surveys you will be required to answer few screening questions. If you qualify this stage then only you will be taken forward otherwise you will be left to try other surveys. Therefore it’s not mandatory that you will qualify each survey you receive an invitation for. The reason behind this is that the companies wish to take valuable comments on their products and services. Hence for this your demographic profile must match the statistics of the company.

For instance, a company wishes to operate a dating application which only requires people who are single and not married. In the same way a company who wish to bring new sort of chicken equipment requires opinion of only non – vegetarians.

Other than receiving points for the surveys you conquer the company LiveTribe will also give you money if you qualify the screening test which is 160 points.

The amount you fetch after conquering each survey depends on the length of the survey you take. For example, survey taking 1-5 minutes fetch you 350 points while surveys above 30 minutes fetch you 2000 points. Therefore the length of the survey and the amount you will receive after completing the survey is mentioned.

Majority of the surveys take 5 – 25 minutes of the time and fetch you nearby 700 – 1500 points which according to LiveTribe equals to $0.90 – $2.

Working in LiveTribe does not render you survey invitations daily and nor this scenario happens with any other survey panel. Even the survey invitations you receive will also not fetch unless and until you qualify screening test which is quite tough to do.


If you wish to redeem your accumulate points via eGift cards from stores such as iTunes, Flight Centre, Woolworth you must have a balance of 7400 points which equals to $10.

Otherwise you can exchange your points for cash i.e. PayPal but prior to submitting the request you must collect $25 which in my opinion is way too high.

After you submit your request for payment the company LiveTribe will take 15 – 30 days to process your payment.


  • There are other opportunities also to fetch more money like $5000 Giveaway, monthly competitions, etc.
  • The company provides most reliable source of payment to be redeemed i.e. PayPal.
  • Joining LiveTribe is absolutely is quick and hassle free.
  • The company provides you 750 points as sign up bonus as your initial start up.


  • Qualifying the screening test is very much difficult.
  • There is no facility of referral program.
  • The minimum threshold for PayPal is very high.
  • The payments processing takes plenty of days.
  • The company still does not provide an application to its members.


In our final verdict we conclude that LiveTribe is legit and worthy site where residents of Australia and New Zealand can fetch money by providing valuable opinions.

The income potential is very low and on the contrary minimum threshold is very high. Therefore even after issuing valuable time the members cannot expect to earn much to pay off their housing rent or dealing with their household expenses.

Therefore instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend LiveTribe to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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