What is Livfx.com? Inflatable Toys Store – Is Livfx Scam or Legit?

What is Livfx.com? Inflatable Toys Store – Is Livfx Scam?

Hello friends, if you are reading this article then it shows that you are a wise person. It is because you are taking time from your busy schedule to know about the site. You might have a doubt regarding Livfx.com website and in this Livfx review, we are going to answer some questions that generally disturb people regarding any companies who’s in not so popular. Questions like is Livfx Scam? Or is Livfx Store Legit? Or is Livfx Fake? Or is Livfx Real? Online shopping is not new in present time. We all do online shopping and today it is a billion dollars market or maybe trillion dollar market. Inflatable Toys Store is also an online store which deals in children inflatable toys especially. They have different toys on their site with the great discount rate. If you do not want to read the whole article then we can help you with that in one line. We do Not Recommend Livfx (Inflatable Toys Store) site for any kind of shopping. The main reasons we are going to discuss below in the article. The short reason is that it is working totally fraudulent. The Livfx site has different name i.e. Inflatable Toys Store is not a genuine site, therefore, the best thing is to avoid this site and use the known and popular sites for online shopping, to save yourself from online fraud.

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What is Livfx (Inflatable Toys Store) and How Does It Work?

Livfx is a toy store which has name Inflatable Toys Store. This is basically online shopping site. You can buy inflatable children toys on this site. They have different inflatable toys with a very good discount rate. At the time of writing this article, we have seen 70% flat discount rate is the minimum percentage one can get. Maybe you can get more than 70% of the discount rate on this site. The question that arises is that buying product from this site is safe or not?

From our experience and the way, the company is working and their site is working presently, all the parameters point towards that this site is not good and there is a very high probability that they are trying to scam you or do a fraud. See, to make an online site and making available product online is not a big deal. Anybody can do that the real problem faced by the online shopping companies is to maintain their name and provide efficient service to their customer. Many sites finding problem or defect on any product completely replace them without confirming it with any proof. The service is essential for an online shopping site.

Livfx site lacks in this parameter of being genuine. They do not have any customer care service or any proper contact in their “Contact Us” page. You can just write them a message and nothing more. The owner of the Livfx is not known because they did not mention it on their official site. The lack of transparency also points out that this site will soon be going to turn into a scam. We have reviewed and not recommended many sites earlier and almost all of them turned into scam after few times.

Any site which is genuine always has a unique name for them so that they got the same name for their site. It is imperative for the genuine site because today name of the company is brand for people. People trust the name of the company and that is why many people use their services again and again even facing problems in service sometimes. Name in the present time of business world play a very important role. The Livfx, site name i.e. Inflatable Toy Store and the site domain name are not same. This is not good for any kind of genuine company. For example, Amazon has the same company name and as well as their site domain name.

Ways of getting scammed

  1. Use person details: the personal details you provide to the sites they use them to sell it to the third party. Do not live in a myth that how your information going to help any other person to earn money. Today is the time of big data in computing world. Scammed sites just gathered people information and turned them into big data, which some anonymous third party buy and use with their discretion. You do not have any say to them because you are not aware of it.
  2. Financial theft: when people use their debit or credit card to shop on some fraudulent site. They use people financial information to theft their account. In many complaints we have seen that scam companies debit any amount from people account without their knowledge by using their credit details. It is true banks are taking corrective measure to stop them but such stories are real and true. The best way to not get scammed is to be aware and provide your any information to any site.
  3. Counterfeit goods: sites like Livfx may not be scammed you with above methods, but they scam people by providing counterfeit product or bad quality products which are not worthy of their price.
  4. Different but the similar site: scam people use different company name on the same domain. Actually, when the name of any company comes into light and people stop coming to them they just change their name. They are so lazy that they did not even change the theme of their site. The worrying point is that people get trapped by them.


The Inflatable Toys Store or Livfx site is fraudulent store and we do Not Recommend it. They claim to sell inflatable bouncers, combos, slides, water parks etc online. We have provided our opinion and review (unbiased considering every aspects and parameter). Our advice is simple and clear stay away from such fraudulent sites because if you shop from here, you are running a risk of being scammed by them. The ways of getting scammed are already discussed above. If you have submitted your financial information to any fraud sites or Livfx site then we advise you to contact your bank tell them the story and block payments to such sites immediately.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Livfx site or any other doubtful site then you can write to us. Feel free to write to us. We will be happy to help you.