LogiPTC Review – Scam or Legit?

Introduction to LogiPTC:

LogiPTC has been online since January 2010. The owner of the LogiPTC is David Anderson from The USA.

Name: Easyhits4u
Price to join: Free
Rank: 80/100
Who can work: Everyone
Link to Join: www.logiptc.com

What is LogiPTC:

LogiPTC is a paid to click site in which you will get paid for clicking ads completing the survey and other tasks. You will get $0.05 to $0.01 per click.

How to earn money in LogiPTC:

You can earn money in LogiPTC by clicking ads. You can earn up to $0.05 to $0.01 per click. You can earn up to $0.03 daily by clicking ads.

How to earn more money in LogiPTC:

To earn more money, You can refer LogiPTC to others. The more members work under you, the more you can earn. There is no limit of referrals in LogiPTC. You can refer as many as you want.

You will get 10 % of your referral earning. If you can build a big downline  then you can make a good income without hard work. If you do not know how to make referrals then read our full review on the No.1 online program. This program will not tell you only how to get referrals, But it will also help you to make a successful career online. To visit the program Click Here

LogiPTC provides worldwide service. People from all countries can join LogiPTC. The minimum cashout is $5. You can request your payment by Paypal payment processor. Your request will be procced within 2-5 days.

LogiPTC provides toolbar with instant ads notification. If you use the toolbar, any ad available you will get notify. So you can click more ads and make more money.

Good about LogiPTC:

LogiPTC is free to join and paying on time more than 5 years.

LogiPTC provides unlimited referral system. You will get 10% of your referral click.

Bad about LogiPTC:

LogiPTC has not any forum. You can not post your success stories, doubts and can’t communicate with other members. If site updates something you will not find in LogPTC.

Support is no good in LogiPTC. If you have any issue and ask from support. You will hardly get the reply.

Only clicking ads, you can not make good money. Earning will be very less if you do not have referrals. So try to make referrals if you want to earn more earn more. If you do not know how to do this, then read our full review on ranked # 1 online work by Clicking Here


LogiPTC is a Legit PTC site in which you can make money with fewer efforts. You will get fewer ads, but from  those ads you can earn up to $0.03. But if you want to increase your earning then you need to make referrals. The good thing about LogiPTC, there is no limit on referrals by which you can earn good money in LogiPTC.

Any question about LogiPTC asks freely by dropping the comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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