Beware of Lookdora.Com – Lookdora Is 100% Scam!

Hello readers, we know that you are also looking for site. Earlier we come to know about this site like you and after seeing the sight we did our research.

In this Lookdora Review, we will tell you what we found out about this site and answer some of the questions like, is Lookdora Scam? Is Lookdora Fake?

Online shopping has gathered a great momentum in the present time. We can see how big this market has become. Billions of dollars are trading online today in a day. Many people are earning good from making such sites.

Many sites have been launched online that are scamming people. It is very hard to mark out scam sites. It is simply because they have modeled their sites exactly or similar to genuine site.

If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the brief of our article in next few lines. We do Not Recommend Lookdora site it is because it is a Scam site.

They are not good at anything. The reasons behind declaring it a scam site is discussed below. Read the whole article for better understanding.

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Beware of Lookdora.Com- Lookdora Is a 100% Scam Site!

What is Lookdora and why we do not recommend it?

Lookdora is an e-commerce site like Amazon, Flipkart etc. They products regarding clothing, especially for women. If you see their site you will saw a good discount available on their site. They are giving a very heavy discount on their clothing products.

This is a purely scam site and we can prove that in the next few paragraphs.

First, we do not know, who is the owner of this site? We all the owner of Amazon, Alibaba, and other genuine sites. But Lookdora has not provided the information of its owner.

The genuine company provides their owner name to build trust among people. The transparency is the essential requirement for good and genuine company. We believe that Lookdora does not believe in transparency.

They have hidden their information in WHOIS records which is very common among the scammers. They are hiding their information simply because they are not working rightly. They are scamming others or we can say looting others.

Second, the complaints against the company are that they charge people without their consent. Since while ordering on this site you provide your credit card detail. These people use your financial information to theft your account.

People have accused the company that amounts from their account is auto-debited into their account. Since such companies never provide the option of Cash on Delivery, it becomes essential for you to provide your information in order to buy the product.

Never fall into their prey. If you have already provided then please contact your bank or the company who provided you the credit card to stop any kind of transactions with this site.

Third, the company uses the information of people for their own use. They sell the personal information of their members to the third party at a very handsome amount. Now the third party can use your data in any way they want. You have no control over it.

The third party is anonymous and we do not know they are good people or not. At the time of the 21st century, where information has become the new currency. The scammer uses innocent people information to do their dirty work and get their identity hide from others.

Fourth, many people have complained that they did not receive their order. They have even waited for 30 days. Many people have written that the order they receive is of very poor quality which is not worthy of the money they have paid.


Lookdora is a Scam site and for the reasons stated above, we do not recommend it. We have provided our opinion in-front of you and now it is the decision to further use this site or not. Be wise with your decision and never fail prey to the scam sites. Beware and aware other also about such sites and their modus operandi.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Lookdora please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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