Wish to earn online money? LOOP Survey Review.

Wish to earn online money? LOOP Survey                                           Review.

We precisely appreciate your motivation towards the safety of the society. There are various similar websites being developed each day. Such platforms claim to support users with extra money.  But do they stand up to their promises?

This statement reoccurs every time we come across. Such websites create a coil which curve people in their trap. Therefore it’s advisable to mark your safety first.

Recently we came across a website namely LOOP Surveys. The company states that near 25000 users are been paid via completing surveys. Though the number mentioned is pretty great but is it true?

In this article we will cover all the major prospects which will influence its legitimacy. Whether LOOP Surveys is legit or fraud?

Wish to earn online money? LOOP Survey Review.

What is LOOP Survey?

As stated LOOP Survey is a marketing research company which allows you to earn money by exchanging your opinions and views about a particular product or a service.

There will be times when company will ask your response on products or services before it gets valid for the public use. Therefore your opinion will affect the decision of the respective company to update their product or a service. Hence, your viewpoint will have a great influence on certain decisions and this will fetch money to your pocket.

Majority of the surveys content are multiple choice questions itself. And whenever latest market study will come you will receive an invitation via email. These surveys don’t pus much hard on the users they can be done by sitting in the comfortable ambiance.  These surveys can also be completed by using your mobile phone or handy tablet.

Currently there is no application available for the LOOP Surveys. Thus you need to browse the website for its usage.

The company claims that 100 points collected will be equal to $1. Every time you finish a satisfactory survey you will receive points in your LOOP account which can be withdrawn via tangible or material VISA card.

The company LOOP Survey was developed in 2017 by renowned Canadian based company namely The Logit Group. Thus, the website is only accessible for the people of US and Canada.

For the now there are some of the reviews available and most of them are mainly unassertive. On the website named Surevypolice.com majority of the users have provided 1 or 2 stars to the company. This we will conclude such a doubt after going into deep of every aspect.

How LOOP Survey does tend to work?

Firstly you will need to browse the website with loopsurvey.com and then participate by logging in. Registration is absolutely free and all you need is to create an account and fill the registration details. The information you need to furnish the company with includes email address, name, gender, date of birth, etc.

Thereafter you will be required to accept the laid Terms and Conditions and tap the button “Join Now”. Lastly you will need to get your email verified by clicking on the confirmation mail sent to you by the company.

Sometimes you will also receive the confirmation mail in your SPAM box but this does not define that company is scamming you. This happens due to the reason that email sometimes pursues it as scam.

The company will give each of their members $2 as sign up additional profit.

Before you take surveys the company requires each and every member to fill their profile by answering some outline questions.  The moment you complete you profiling task chances of invitations to the surveys will increase automatically.  This will bring additional surveys to your way thus you bank account will directly increase. This section will include questions relating to your environment in order to know you more like education, employment status, relationship position, contact number, address, etc.

Completing surveys:

After you complete the main aspect of your work by completing your profile you will start getting the invitations for the surveys via email. According to the claims stated by the company in their FAQ section explains that the users will receive at least 1 survey a month. If you want to avail more opportunities then you can scroll the account that you have created and you will see all the currently available surveys.

After reaching to a particular survey the company will glimpse you about the maximum length of the survey and the points that you will fetch after completing it. Majority of the surveys consume 10-20 minutes of your time and the receiving points are nearby 100-200 points which equals to $1 or $2.

The company also has a router attached to the surveys which will provide you additional surveys on your way.

Certain marketing research studies destine specific profile that is particularly called demographics. For example if a company is preparing for the launch of dating application that only wish to receive opinions and viewpoints of the people in marriage or mainly in relationship.  If in case your relationship status is single then that user will be the last in the mind of the company.

For being qualified you must pass the screening test which will consist of few questions and in case you get disqualified then you might not be the ideal nominee for that specific survey.

Privacy policy:

As for the claims of the company stated the privacy shared by the users will be secured from any of the third party or other person. Even the survey answers are anonymous filtered so they will remain confidential.

Even the company puts an option which is used when you wish to delete you account as per wishes. Deleting can be also being done of your shared information.

Payout Limit:

The minimum cash out limit managed by the company is $25. Once you reach the payout limit you can redeem them as $25 via actual or materialistic VISA card and that should be pre-paid.

The company professes $25 as the threshold for the users of the LOOP Surveys. It’s incredibly highest threshold which will take months to reach.

As for reaching such a high limit you will take long months but in this period you may feel frustrated or your something wrong happens with your account.


As I mentioned before that LOOP Survey is relatively on their initial stage therefore there are not much reviews about the company.

There are some of the minus points about the company.

One of the member stated that she was literally gum in the circle of the loop because whenever she was completing the survey she was being disqualified every time.


  • The company goes through various marketing research studies which are been made available to their users.
  • The users will receive 42 as their sign up bonus.


  • The threshold to be reached is very high.
  • There is no source of payment except VISA cards. No PayPal or gift cards option are available for the users.
  • The website is available only for the residents of US and Canada.


Currently I conclude with making LOOP Survey a legit website which will pay you once you reach the limit of 2500 points.

While if we go through the reviews of the people who have rated the company with just 1 or 2 stars pronounce that it is quite difficult to qualify or certify by the company. Even you will have to ambush for a long period of time in order to redeem your hard earned money.

Despite of its legitimacy we do not recommend our readers to opt for such an option which will not even fulfill the desires of people.

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In case you have any doubts or queries then feel free to contact us by dropping in the section below.