Lucky day App Review – Scam or Legit? 

Nowadays, there are many ways for someone to earn cash nowadays. Whether through work, freelancing or simply doing volunteering, the modern era now gives people ease of access in finding jobs and ways in order to get paid in an easy and instant way. The easiest ways to earn is through doing small activities with an applications.

Many applications claim that they are able to give away money and vouchers for you simply by making you do small activities such as surveys or downloading games or even watching videos. After that, most of these services claim that these quick activities can easily grant you a quick cash grab and you can become rich almost instantly.

Though of course, money doesn’t come that easily. After a quick glance, it’s obvious to see that most of these apps aren’t validated and carry suspicious activity through the application. They’re not transparent and many users will complain that they’ve been scammed out of not being paid. Because of this, it’s dangerous because they can also get your privacy information along with being able to manipulate your private life.

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Lucky day App Review – Scam or Legit 

What is Lucky Day App?

One of the application that will be reviewed today is the Luckyday App. Through this review we will find out if the Lucky day App is a scam or a legit business app.

The Lucky day app’s premise is like most applications that run a similar business strategy as to this one. It’s an free to download app available on the App Store or Play store, either for android or IOS.

The idea is pretty much like a digital casino – every day, the application gives you free credits that will be used in playing their mini games such as lottery, scratchcards, lotto or slots. Once you play, there’s a chance for you to win small cash or a jackpot for up to $100,000..or so they claim.

It seems like most business set ups right? You don’t use it as a daily income but more so as a side pay or something you do in your past time. Knowing that, you’d still try to play in case luck is on your side in this app right?  So is Lucky day app legit or is Lucky day app a scam?  Many users have claimed that their luck starts good at first, earning small cash prices such as $5 or so. They could cash out their earnings once they reach $10 on their account and the app claims that it will all be paid via PayPal or towards charity, it will be sent within 24 hours through the application.

For those living in the US, the money can also be cashed out for different gift cards and shopping vouchers, which will need around 5 million tokens. However, after that, the Luckyday app still has a catch though. It turns out that right after they earn about $5 or so, it turns out that they have a difficult time in earning just enough to pay for a cash out.

It feels like just a hook in order to get users addicted but after that, nothing. That’s not the only thing for Lucky day app users either. Slowly, the application has gone downhill.

Even for those who have enough to cash out, they never receive anything even after contacting support. Many users feel scammed and those who originally recommended the app quickly retracted their opinion and complained that even if they don’t cash out, their tokens seem to vanish from their account which is a huge glitch.

This hasn’t been solved and lucky day app continues to not give any response regarding players who haven’t been able to receive their cash in or the disappearing tokens from their account.  Though it still counts as a sweepstakes strategy and it is claimed to be depending on luck, the Lucky day app has far too little chances and even when you do win, there is no guarantee that the money will ever end up in your account. Not being as transparent as it seems, the app counts as a scam and is no longer legit, even by majority of users. Not only that, even the complaints receive no response from customer support and there is no positive benefits that you can get from the application. Though you don’t need to input real cash for the app as it is free, it’s simply a waste of your time and energy.

The Luckyday app is no longer recommended and it’s only a waste of time compared to other legit applications and service with a similar plan but they actually pay you on the dime.

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