Wish to utilize your gaming schedule? Lucky Miner app Review

With the new upcoming inventions people are becoming eager to discover ways to earn money online. As we have already reviewed various applications and websites. Hence we have learnt some of the ways of earnings money which includes completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, installing applications, etc. One of the ways of earning money is by playing games.

Recently we came across an application known as Lucky Miner. The application has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and wishing to attract more people. The company does not burden users with any workload; they only have to play games in order to earn money online.

In this article we will reveal whether Lucky Miner is a legit application or just a trick to dupe innocent personages.

Wish to utilize your gaming schedule? Lucky Miner app Review

What is Lucky Miner app?

Popular app Lucky Miner is an Android mobile application which allows its users to earn money by downloading and playing breathtaking games. The company has it reference all over the world. Therefore people residing on a global basis can use the additive app.

The Lucky Miner app is operated by a company which is running identical platforms like Cash Alarm, App Flame, Coin Pop, MistPlay, etc. These companies are possessed by a similar company namely Applike GmbH.

Once you start using the application you will see visible index of available gaming apps which can be installed and played instantly. The moment you accumulate enough coins ranging with the threshold limit you can withdraw the amount through PayPal or listed gift cards.

Till now Lucky Miner does not seem to be a scam but there are several complaints regarding payment. The company has potential users on the basis of doubt and dubious activities. Since the company has not guaranteed any payments. Even the company makes you agree on the Term that they can ban your account or can cancel your payments without notification if they glimpse any suspicious activities.

How Lucky Miner does tend to work?

Basically the company Lucky Miner generates revenue by publicizing the games of inventors on their panels. Lucky Miner boost the spirit of people by fantasying the words and payments the users will fetch. Therefore a portion of this remuneration is given to the members of the Lucky Miner Company as their commission for using the gaming applications.

Though usage of gaming apps is completely free but to unlock extra highlight the b, members have to pay upsells i.e. make in-app purchase.

This is technically a loop. When the members make in-app purchase the application inventers fetch profit and this is how they pay Lucky Miner.

The application is absolutely free and you can download it on Google Play Store. Presently Lucky Miner is available for the Android users.

Once you download the application it becomes available for usage. You will be required to give your consent to the company to aggregate your data like name, email address, locating address, date of birth, contact details, gender.

Hence it becomes quite mandatory to provide access so that the company can estimate your playing schedule. All you have to tab on the option “grant” from the index and reinforce “allow usage tracking”.

Ways of earning:

  • Start-up bonus: You will receive your signup bonus once you complete you register yourself as the member of Lucky Miner. Hence you will be able to climb you initial cash out limit quite soon with the help of this bonus. Therefore sign up bonus varies from country to country. For instance in Brazil the bonus is 4000 coins while if we talk of UK then it is 5555 coins.
  • Gaming: As mentioned above that Lucky Miner will provide you with a list of addictive gaming apps which you can download and play. You will also be given knowledge about how many coins you will fetch for playing each minute. For instance the gaming app named as Cats which was rewarding 4 coins for each minute of playing.

It is advisable to play variety of games and not stuck with single gaming app as you will loop in earning fewer coins.

In one instance you will earn 5 coins for 127 seconds in an initial stage but with the passage of time you will receive same amount of coins after playing for 570 seconds. Hence it is good to play the same game for a specific period of time.

Being paid unlimited goes against the prohibitive rules of the advertisers. Hence their small budget shakes up. Therefore there is a set up limit for each game. You just need to download the application to start initiating your earnings.

  • Referral code: You can reach your cash out limit by referring the application Lucky Miner to your near and dear ones. Once your referral joins the company using your link then you will receive 250 coins and additional 25% of your referral earnings.


No matter whichever country you reside in you should not expect to earn much.  On my observation you can expect to earn $10 in a week or sometimes less than this. People residing in USA, UK, Canada are flourished with more opportunities.

After you collect enough points in your Lucky Miner account you can redeem them either using PayPal or can exchange the coins for listed gift cards. The cash out limit varies from country to country. For instance in UK the threshold to be achieved is just £0.50 which can be easily reached after playing some games.


  1. The application Lucky Miner is usable for people all over the world.
  2. The application is free to install.
  3. Members can exaggerate their pockets but just doing nothing. You will only have to play addictive games which you do otherwise.
  4. Fortunately the company pays bonus for signing up to their new members. But sign up bonus varies from country to country.
  5. Members will take quite less time to reach the threshold limit.
  6. The company pays 250 coins plus 25% extra from the earnings of your referral when your referral joins the Lucky Miner using your link.


After reviewing all the points with utter concentration we conclude that Lucky Miner is a legit application. Though the company does not guarantee any winnings and can block your account whenever they see any suspicious activity going through you.

You should solely download the app for the purpose of playing games. In case you are thinking of earning with Lucky Miner then it is preferable to recheck your idea.

Though the company Lucky Miner is legit but we do not recommend it to our readers.

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If you are hovering with any confusion or queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.


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