Is Lyoness a Scam? Nothing more than a Cashback scheme!!

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In this Lyoness review, we are going to answer some of the most common questions like, is Lyoness Scam? Or is Lyoness Fake?

Asking questions is good because it helps you to know about the company and its working. It helps you to avoid scam. Here, we represent you our list of Avoid Scam list, you can know about other scam going around the net and their modus operandi:

Disclaimer: we are not associated with Lyoness in any way. Therefore, you can expect that this article is going to be an unbiased review.

Company: Loyness

Owner: JubertFreidl

Recommended: No

Scam: No

Brief: Lyoness is not a scam site. They are offering just a product in which you can earn cashback. In our view, this site is not worth your time. There are many sites available online that are far better than this. Now, you can understand our opinion about it, we do not recommend this site. The reasons are discussed below in detail.

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Is Lyoness a Scam Nothing more than a Cashback scheme!!

What is Loyness?

Lyoness is an MLM company which is providing a business opportunity to everyone. The company was founded in 2003. It shows that it has a quiet history as a company. But with time this company gone under some major changes.

The company is emphasizing their core product known as Cash Back. In it, they will refund a percentage of cash that one spend on their online stores.

They are claiming that you can buy anything of your need from their store and receive a little cash back or refund at the same time i.e. you are saving some of your cash.

Compensation Plan of Lyoness

In MLM Company the idea is very simple, you have to purchase membership first and then you have to recruit new people to earn commission and extra bonuses depend upon your effort and work.

The most common bonus you will earn rewards point. These points can be spent to buy something from the store. They have different kind or type of membership offer and to start here in this company, you have to buy any one of the memberships to start which is not cheap.

The concept is that you recruit new people, to continue shopping with the company and motivate others to do the same. In this process, you will receive a bonus every time whenever somebody either makes payment or purchase something from the company store.

There is a threshold of $75 which you have to cross in order to receive one of the five different types of accounting units. You can cross this threshold when you recruit 35 people.

The compensation plan of all MLM companies is same i.e. confusing. You can see their site for a better understanding. But we do not recommend this site and we going to tell about it later.

But still, there is something which we want to tell you. There are three methods available to get account units. First is the down-payment methods. Second has become their founding member. Third shop on daily basis.

The first type i.e. down payment is the expensive one but it is also the shortest route to get your accounting unit. It cost something around $300 and $3000.

From our experience, we can say that their offers are not worthy and expensive at the same time. We can say that because we review such site on daily basis and we know how they work. So our opinion is very clear i.e. we do not recommend Lyoness for any kind of work.

Cashback Royalty Card

This card is not different from other store royalty card. It works similar to other cards i.e. when you show this card to Lyoness verified merchant’s cashiers, after finishing your shopping then you will receive reward i.e. cashback (usually 1%).

It is not going to help you as big merchants are not Lyoness client. Their clients are a small and obscure store. Which are usually far and few in number.

Some major departmental stores you will see on the site like Walmart. Here, Lyoness card does not work. In order to make a purchase in Walmart, you have to go via an online link and it is nothing but affiliate marketing.

To be honest with you, you can also become an affiliate with Walmart. So there is nothing unique what Lyoness is doing.

Pros of Lyoness

  1. It is not a scam: it means if you take part here, you do not get scam or become fool by them. Even though earning money is not possible on a large scale. But still, you are not losing your money.
  2. Cash-Back: who does not like cash-back? We all love and that is why many companies offer such kind of offers.

Cons of Lyoness

  1. The cashback they are offering is very low. So there is nothing about which you must get excited. So all you hard to work to chase down Lyoness merchants and then avail 1% cash back is not suitable. We all can pay to lose that 1% for convenient instead of chasing Lyoness stores.
  2. They show vague dreams to people to whom they are recruiting on their company, which is ethically wrong. Unfortunately, almost all MLM companies do such kind of practice in order to get new recruits.

Why more than 90% people fail?

People (especially newbies) fail in this market because they are lacking the knowledge and skill to get a new recruit every day. They just get disillusioned by the company representatives about what they can do, in reality, they were not able to do.

People generally, start recruiting people they know. They use their known people list and start working. This list soon gets over they are not able to work further.

In this way, they learn nothing because known people generally get recruitment because they did not say no to you, directly or they want to encourage you in your journey.

When the list gets saturated, people stop working further because they are not earning anything. They lose their motivation and a similar situation happened with the people downline.

No one is working now and no one is getting paid. This is the reason for the high failure rate in MLM kind of business.


Lyoness is not a scam site. But it is not conducive to do work here. Keep a distance from this site. There are plenty of other sites available that can help you to earn a fulltime income or real income with less effort.

If you want to know other sites, then you can explore our list of Legit site, here:

Do not waste your time in recruiting people when you do not know how to do it. Yes, the reasons behind the high rate of failure are common i.e. lack of knowledge which can overcome by using the help of other.

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