What is Mackeeper.com? Is Mackeeper Scam?

If you are looking to get some insight into the Mackeeper.com software then you are reading the right article. After reading this Mackeeper review you do not have to read any other review. We will also tackle the answers to the questions like, is the Mackeeper Scam? Or is Mackeeper Safe? Or is Mackeeper Fake? Such questions become imperative when we read about the complaints against the company. Basically, the Mackeeper is software that is built for the Mac users to remove the virus and other anti-virus stuff. The main problem which hampers its reputation is that it pop-ups ads claiming that there is a virus on your Mac. This force the user to install this software in haste (it is not ethical). If you are not interested to read the whole article and want the summary about it then we do “Not Recommend” Mackeeper software. The reasons and problems we are going to discuss later in this article. We are not marking it as a scam because the owner is known and they are paying to their members working as an affiliate.

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What is Mackeeper.com Is Mackeeper Scam or Legit Is Mackeeper Real or Fake Mackeeper Review, Mackeeper

How does Mackeeper work and reasons for not recommendation?

Now you know that we do not recommend the Mackeeper software. The question arises is why? One of the major problems we found with this software is their marketing strategy. Many people think in the beginning it as a virus because of its annoying marketing campaign. Here, pop-ups ads keep claiming that your Mac is infected with the virus and you have to install this software to protect it. This software developer had faced many criticisms of his sleazy tactics. His tactics involve like pop-under ads, plants sock puppet reviews and encouraging not so good affiliate sites. They are doing some kind of false marketing which is not good for any genuine company. This is the major reason why people have complaints against this software.

You will easily find the advertisement of Mackeeper it is because the company is advertising it and also people promoting it. Yes, there is a provision to earn money with this software. Anyone can work in Mackeeper affiliate program. The affiliate programs are used to increase the traffic of site and promote the product. The company in reward gives the commission to its members. But we do not recommend you to work on this site. There are many other good products available on the market which can help you to earn money online. This software is a controversial product. In 2014, a lawsuit was filed against the Mackeeper developer, Zeobit in Illinois. It is because Mackeeper warned the users about the fake security and performance problems so that people will convince to buy their full version. In 2015, Zeobit has to settle the lawsuit by paying the US $2million.

Therefore, promoting a controversial product is not good for you in a short as well as long run. You will receive many complaints against this software which hamper your reputation and your client will not come back to you because you have lost their trust. As an affiliate marketer, you should always deal with problem free product that is why we are not recommending you for this product.

There are many complaints that we have found against the Mackeeper. We also believe that not every complaint is true. But we cannot ignore them it is because this software is dealing with your Mac security against the virus. Many Mac repairs persons have told that the Mac with Mackeeper software has the problem of performance. They freeze the working of the Mac and sometimes result in crashing the system.

Many people thought that it hostage their machine as it is very difficult to uninstall this software. Actually, many people download this software in hurry because of false marketing of this software. And this software keeps forcing them to upgrade the software to upper version. When people try to uninstall this software then they find themselves unable to do it. It is always partially removed from the computer. Due to this fact, many people think that this software is hostage their Mac and now they find difficult to get rid of this software. There are other complaints also against this software like, it is reported that it slows down their Mac and erases the hard drive, deletes photos and makes your documents disappear. There are also the chances that such complaints are not true.


In short, we do Not Recommend Mackeeper software, due to major discrepancies we have mentioned in this article. We do not want to you to promote any controversial product or use any controversial product when there are a lot of genuine similar products are available. In the anti-virus market, there are many big names provide free antivirus for personal use like Avast, AVG, Avira, and others. There are also many other different affiliate program sites available that are genuine and free from the controversial product.

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If you have any doubt regarding Mackeeper software then you can write it in our comment box. We will be happy to help you to solve your doubt.

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