MailingBoss Review: a Product to solve your problem or just a hype!!

MailingBoss Review: a Product to solve your problem or just a hype!!

Hello friends, we came to know about MailingBoss from different sources. Here, we are going to present you our MailingBoss review.

Before we start our review, we want to appreciate your effort to know to get information about this product before using it directly.

Online marketing is the huge market and it is growing day by day. If you know about this then you know the potential it contains in it. To utilize these potential many companies have made new products online that help online marketers to increase their business.

MailingBoss is one of the tools that help online marketers to enhance their business using this tool. According to MailingBoss, with their product, you get ready to dominate your market. It basically a mailing platform like Gmail with a certain unique feature that helps members to capture and send unlimited emails with its superior delivery and open rates.

Product: MailingBoss

Founder: Eric Salgado, CEO

Price: $50 (at the time of writing this article, it is a lifetime payment and also discount available for a short period of time). The real price is $997 per year.

Summary: it is an online tool that helps you to increase your marketing work by exploring the email marketing arena. With their tool you can send unlimited emails to your customers, you can know their details, you can get statistics details and many more. It is good for the people who indulge in internet marketing or doing online business. The price they are charging at the time of writing this article is very low. Since it is in discount period people can avail this benefit.

Recommended: yes

Scam or Legit: it is not a scam. 100% legit.

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What is MailingBoss Is MailingBoss Scam or Legit Is Mailing Boss Real or Fake Mailing Boss Review, MailingBoss

What is Mailing Boss?

In laymen language, it is a powerful email platform. It can send floods of click on a website. MailingBoss offers

  1. A simple way to use the complex email platform.
  2. No need to pay hundreds of dollars as monthly fees.
  3. Exemption from spending a big money on SMTP services.

In short, it will turbo charge your business. It helps you to set up a system that will increase your email delivery rates, opens and click-throughs.

Have you heard about Builderall? It is the site that helps people to build their online business in totality. MailingBoss is one of their product. We can say that because the logo used by Builderall and MailingBoss is same and their founder is also the same i.e. Erick Salgado. The only exception between Builderall and MailingBoss is that Builderall is an All-in-One Internet Marketing Platform while MailingBoss is just one part of it.

The Problem

If you ask an online marketer about the difficulty they face, then one of the problems they will state will be the email efficiency. It is very important and become essential for online marketers.

Email marketing is on the move. Many companies use it and many people rely on it as it is the source of their customers. The information of the customer is due important for any company. By sending the member an email and other kinds of emails help to increase the relating between company and customers.

To increase your online income via your online business you need different tools to bring efficiency to your system. MailingBoss is one of the tools that are going to help you with this problem.

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The Solution

MailingBoss is a tool to provide you an efficient system of mailing. You can send unlimited emails and avail the features of the MailingBoss to improve your online work. This system can be used by both beginners and expert in order to improve their mailing delivery and other stuff.

To understand the product more in details you can watch their demo video below: upload the demo video from the site here.

MailingBoss is suitable for many people working online and wants to increase their relationship with their readers or people. Such are the people that can take benefits of MailingBoss

  1. Newbies: people who are new to online marketing or any kind of digital marketer. They have zero experience in the marketing field and they are starting their new innings in this area.
  2. Bloggers: people who love writing and want to interact with their readers.
  3. Affiliate Marketers: these are those people who promote the products of other people and earn commission by increasing their sale.
  4. Small business persons: local business people are also availing the benefits of the internet that have reduced the gap between them and their customers.
  5. Product creators: people who are using the online platform to sell their products.
  6. Last but not the least, any person or people who want to make money online.

It is fact that email marketing services available on the internet, many of them are too costly. MailingBoss is the platform is the solution with many features. It will transform the way you create newsletters and send emails.

The Question arises what to do to so that your email campaigns are seen as winning blockbuster movie?

The answer is “Command Attention”. This is what helps you to achieve your goal. This is the advantage online business have over others and it provides brilliant results also.

Emails send via MailingBoss is so irresistible that people have to open them to see what is inside. This can be your ‘secret weapon’ that help your email to be seen by people despite having crowded inbox.

The feature of MailingBoss:

  1. Subscribe activity log: it shows you every single activity of your subscribers. This data ultimately help you to target your campaigns more efficiently, set autoresponders and other segments in your lists.
  2. Smart Segments: in order to target different users, you can use subscriber activity to set up smart subscriber segments. For example, you can send an email to those people who haven’t opened your previous email.
  3. Personalize email with subscriber information: names, age, address and other subscriber information can be collected. Now you can use this data to create personalized messages. This can be used to persuade the subscriber to take action.
  4. Subscription forms: in seconds you can build your own customized subscription form, which is very easy by using their designs. The best part is that no technical skill is required for this action.
  5. Suppression lists: you can make a list of “do not send to” emails addresses. Now MailingBoss will automatically filter these email addresses from outgoing emails.
  6. Statistics and reports: you can know who opened your emails, which links are clicked, invalid email address, forwards emails, opinion on web browsers, spam complaints and many more.
  7. Custom Fields: collect name, age, interest and more information than just an email from your subscribers.
  8. List Synchronization: you have to do nothing except connect you MySQL with MailingBoss and it will synchronize lists on its own.
  9. Subscriber preference area: to keep you away from manually changing people preference, it will allow subscribers to manage their own subscription profile. It will reduce your manual labor also to make a change every time a preference changes.
  10. Email notification: it will make you notice of new subscriber or unsubscribe.
  11. WebHook Integration: you can ping a URL whenever a subscription happen. It will fetch the data with that ping.
  12. Smart behaviors: you can customize the result page, redirect your own URLs and other things in order to manage how the user navigates the subscription process.
  13. Email Request Processing: MailingBoss observe incoming emails and process subscription request automatically, it option other than relying on subscription form only to gain subscribers.
  14. Email wizard: you can import email builder to craft your email messages. Drag and drop content blocks allow you to design your email with no technical skills needed.
  15. Email Template Engine: you can create a template with your requirement that can help you to use it over and over again with some editable content blocks that can also be customized easily.
  16. Personalization: you can also personalize your email content with the recipient information like their name, age, or any other information you chose to collect.
  17. Scheduled Email Delivery: you can use the auto-respond system or you can auto-schedule your emails in order to send them at the optimal times which can fetch you the advantage.
  18. A/B Split Testing: you can create the email with different subject or content. You can test them in order to know who is performing well or better or gets a higher open rate.
  19. Campaign archives: you can let the visitors see website past email campaigns through an archive page. This feature help and increase views of your previously sent emails.
  20. Social sharing: publish your emails on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  21. Google Analytics Integration: link emails with your Google Analytics account and track your recipient activity when they land on our website.
  22. Remote Content Fetching From RSS Feeds: you can increase email content by fetching information from your RSS feeds.
  23. Email Campaign Performance Comparison: you can compare various email campaigns to analyze clickthrough rates, hard bounces, spam complaints, or any other metric you prefer.
  24. Image Embedded Email Delivery: you can be embedded images into an email with a single click.
  25. Auto-Responder to Increase Retention: send out emails automatically in a sequence or at regular intervals to your subscribers. For example, you can send an education email series for 30 days to your list.

At present MailingBoss offering, “today for life” scheme i.e. No Subscriptions and No strings attached. You have to only pay once for all the following amazing features:

  1. Lifetime MailingBoss Account.
  2. Unlimited Subscribers.
  3. Unlimited Email Sending.
  4. Better Deliverability.
  5. All the Features You Need.
  6. Private Facebook Group Access.


  1. Cost of present offer is not much only $50 and that also for the lifetime.
  2. You can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers.
  3. It can provide you with the perfect solution for your online marketing needs regarding emails.


MailingBoss is not a scam but a legit product which ultimately helps you to increase your online business or increase your marketing skills. They have a very good product. To buy it or not it is your discretion. If it is going to solve your problem then you must try it or you can leave also. The only limitation is that the offer is for a short time period.
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If you have any doubt regarding the MailingBoss product, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you. 


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