Truth Exposed: is a Scam Website!

Truth Exposed: is a Scam Website!

Have you heard about e-commerce? Yes, of course, you have. Do you know amidst e-commerce site there are many scam sites working?

One of the e-commerce site named Mainskeys, recently came into our consideration. Since many people are asking for it. We decided to write a Mainskeys Review.

In this review, our main aim is to solve your curiosity regarding some questions like, is Mainskeys Scam? Or is Mainskeys Legit?

We understand that many sites working on the internet are the scam. You might also have doubt about to be one of them and that is why such questions are lined up.

In one line we can answer this question easily. is a Scam site. It is purely a scam site and we can say that not only by seeing it but also by observing its working.

Every day hundreds of scam sites launched on the internet. We have reviewed many sites and based on our experience we can say that it is a Scam or fraudulent site.

Our aim is not just to declare it is a scam site but to explain, why? It helps you to understand the modus operandi of a scam site. It will make you able to caught scam site, next time whenever you see any of them.

Before we begin our review, we want to appreciate your effort that you are doing your own research in order to find out about this site which looks like a scam.

This way you can avoid any scam and know about other legit sites, like this:

Truth Exposed is a Scam Website!

Why Mainskeys is Scam? claim itself to be an e-commerce site but in reality, it is a Scam site.

The first thing you should know about such sites is that how much transparency they have provided.

By transparency, we did not mean that they explain your business strategy, no not this. By transparency, we mean that they should provide at least about their owner or any real person upon which we can trust.

This information should be true. It is because many scam sites provide the name of their owner but they use fake names. Generally, they use the old film-actor or famous personality name. have not provided any name, identity or information of its owner. Therefore, it is pretty obvious they are hiding their owner information.

If you try to get information about it in WHOIS records, you will find an error which is very common amothe ng scam site.

Second, point you should take into consideration is their services. You can easily found complaints against this site.

It is because their services is zero. As they are the scamming others they are not trying to do business. They sometime send poor quality product whose worth is way lower than the amount you have paid.

Sometimes they never deliver the product. The reasons behind it is also very simple i.e. they are scammers and their main aim is to fool others and earn money.

This is the common strategy followed by the scammers, generally who have opened e-commerce site.

Such sites never last long, they shut their site after some time. We know about this because we have reviewed many scam sites, which you can see, here:

You can see by yourself that those sites which we have declared scam are not live on the internet. Sometimes they use the same theme with the different domain name.

Third, they charge people after 3-4 months. We all know, why? The main question is how?

Actually, while placing an order we provide our credit card details to them. They use the same information to charge us after 3-4 months when you are not going to see it.

It has happened many times, if you ask your bank about it they will also confirm it. If you have provided any information like this to any site which is not good then immediately contact your bank to resolve this issues.

This is also the main reason you will not find cash on delivery option on sites like this.

Fourth, they use people information to turn it into big data. As we know today is the time of information and it is the new currency at the present time.

Scammers gathered information of people and then sell it to third part at the handsome amount.

Fifth, scam sites provide a heavy discount on every item which is not possible for a genuine site.


Now, it will be clear to you that Mainskeys is a Scam site and obviously we do not recommend it. Keep a distance from this site and never fall in their heavy discount rate. Be wise, beware and aware others regarding the same.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Mainskeys then please feel free to ask us. We will be happy to help you.