What is Majorsnews.com? Is Majorsnews Scam?

What is Majorsnews.com? Is Majorsnews Scam?

If you are looking for Majorsnews reviews in order to find out about what is Majorsnews, Whether Majorsnews Scam or Legit and Whether  Majorsnews Real or fake, then you are on the right page. In this Majorsnews review, You will find all the important details about Majorsnews like Majorsnews owner details, Majorsnews compalints, Majorsnews Payment proofs and many more. if you are not interested to read our whole review and want answer just now, Then our answer is that Majorsnews is a SCAM company. This company belongs to a large network of scam sites. The similar sites which are active now are Socupnews, Baseofnews, Mainofnews and Capitalofnews. This company is making only fake claims and it does not pay to anyone. So stay away from this site. For the people, Who want to read our full review and want to know how this site is scamming to the people can find in detail review as given below.

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What is Majorsnews.com, Is Majorsnews Scam or Legit, Majorsnews Real or Fake, Majorsnews Review

Background of Majorsnews and Why Majorsnews is a Scam?

As we already said this site is owned by the group which own many of similar scams sites. Currently popular site by this group is Socupnews, If you visit that site then you will find that Majorsnews is exactly same as Socupnews the only difference is the name of the website and the domain. if you are not satisfied with one example then the other example are Baseofnews, Mainofnews and Capitalofnews. Have you find any difference? Obviously Not. However, sometime they changed the data  to confuse people.

There is no information provided on their website about who owns or run this website. And more than that, they also hide the owner details by registering their website privately. All of the sites Socupnews, Baseofnews, Mainofnews and Capitalofnews are hiding their owner details. There is always risk to work on the sites in which owner details is hidden.

They are claiming to pay you $3 to $4 per news you read on their site. And each news you will read only take 30 seconds to complete. Any legit company does not pay $4 for this simple work. They also giving you $170 for each invited user and 15% from their daily earning. They can’t generate that amount which they are claiming to pay because their business model is completely fake.

When you read news on their website then you will find that your account balance is increasing but once you reached to minimum  cashout limit which is $2700 and request for payout your request will never be proceed. And if you contact them about your pending payment they will ask you to upgrade your account to receive payment soon. But the member who upgrade their account also not receive their payment.

They are providing these type of attractive offers to lure more people in the system. People who are looking for easy way to make money online fall into their scams. But, they should know that money doesn’t come in easy ways. Sites like Majorsnews only open with the intention of scam, they want to make money only for themselves not for you. These sites are making money by getting traffic, forcing user to upgrade their account and selling their personal information to third parties. So these types sites are not online to pay you, they are online to make money from you. If you search around the internet, You can find many complaints from Majorsnews members  about pending payments. So you should stay away from the Majorsnews and  the sites which provide these kind of offers.


As we mentioned before, Majorsnews is a completely fake site. This site does not pay to any of its members and it will never pay to anyone. So stay away from this site.

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If you have any questions about Majorsnews or want to give feedback about this page, then feel free to drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.