Is Mannatech a Scam? MLM or another Pyramid Scheme, know yourself?

Is Mannatech a Scam? MLM or another Pyramid Scheme, know yourself?

Hi folks, like you and many others we come to know about the Mannatech Company which deals in healthcare product and they have a range of products in their box.

Before getting started, we want to appreciate your effort that you took time to do your own research to know about the site. This is also the best way you can keep yourself away from any scam.

This Mannatech Review will deal with the questions raised by readers like, is Mannatech Scam? Or is Mannatech Legit? It will also target the question, can you earn well on this site or not?

Multi-level Marketing is not new. Many companies are using this strategy are available online as well as offline. Online marketing is the new arena for marketers and they know it’s potential.

Online marketing has grown exponentially still world has just scratch the upper layer of it. People know that there is much can be done using the internet for the growth of their business.

Company: Mannatech

Product: Health Care products

Cost: $48 to $999

Founder: Samuel Caster

Recommended: No

Scam: No

Brief: Mannatech is not a scam site and it is a legit site. They are dealing with healthcare products and offer the opportunity to people to be financial freedom by becoming their distributors. Still, we do not recommend it as it is not good to earn a fulltime income. You can earn by selling anything especially if you are an expert but for newbies, it is not possible even to earn money. The reasons are discussed below in detail.

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Is Mannatech a Scam MLM or another Pyramid Scheme, know yourself

What is Mannatech? How does it work?

Mannatech is an online networking company that was founded by Samuel Caster in 1994. They are generally dealing with healthcare product.

They have a wide variety of products to offer range from body fitness to skin care and others. This company now has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

By looking into the company working many people declare it a Pyramid Scheme which is an illegal scheme and banned in almost every nation.

Disclaimer: we are not associated with this company in any way. Our aim behind writing this article is very simple. We want to help people to make their decision before they start their journey in online marketing.

We want to declare that this company is not a scam site. Even though some malpractices were found in the working of the distributor but on this basis we cannot declare the whole company to be non-legit.

Some distributer just exaggerate or brag about their product and claim that it can cure cancer and other several illnesses. Such kind of claims leads to some lawsuits against the company. It is because those claims do not have any backing of scientific research.

Mannatech deals with the product related to healthcare. It is like other MLM Companies viz., Amway, Forever living, Total Life Changes and etc.

Mannatech used its distributors to sell their product instead of advertising its products. They reward their distributors with their MLM Compensation plan.

Generally, in MLM Company, one can earn in two ways: first, by selling the product in retail and second, by making new recruits.

Mannatech Products:

mannatech product

Mannatech Aim:

Their main aim is to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with their Real Food Technology Supplements. For this, they have discovered and patented Ambrotose. Most of the Mannatech’s products are based upon on Ambrotose.

Actually, Mannatech is a legit company because they have invested a good amount of their revenue in research. They have their own research lab also.

What is Ambrotose? It is a sugar pill and powder that made from glyconutrients. It is said that it helps body cells to communicate better with one another.

Why do we not recommend Mannatech?

If you see the data then you will observe that more than 95% of distributors are not making good money. Majority of the distributors are not earning money.

There are many factors behind it, which you should know before joining the company.

  1. Conventional methods: people use conventional methods to do the modern sale. Generally, newbies start their sale by selling the product to their known people. We all believe that we have a big network of people but in reality, it is not so. The list of known people get saturated after a brief time and people did not make any money further.
  2. No skill of communication: since, you are not selling your product anymore to your know people, now you required a communication skill. It can be writing an article, talking over the phone or in person etc. Many people fail to sell the product because they start pushing people. They tried to make a sale instead to make other people buy their products.
  3. Lack of motivation: as you are not earning now, many people lose motivation to work further and they stop completely. Similar, thing happens to your recruits also and nobody earns a single money downline.

Mannatech is providing different tools and services on their site to build your own online business and how you can sell the products of the Mannatech. They provide training and other things that are required for distributors to make sales.

But as we have already mentioned that due to the malpractice of distributors and their working has earned the company nothing but different lawsuits. We can assume that their training programs are not good or not up to the modern marketing methods.

If you are an expert in marketing then you can join Mannatech but for newbies is not wise to work directly to sell the product of Mannatech. It is also because becoming a distributor is not free. It is expensive.

You have three options to join Mannatech

  1. Basic Pack- $99 to $169.
  2. All-Star Pack- $499
  3. Premium All-Star Pack- $999


Mannatech is a legit company and not a scam. People who declare it a scam maybe they were not able to earn due to the reasons we have discussed or those are the people to whom Mannatech distributors pressurize to buy their product.

From our research, we can say it is not a scam site but still not conducive to join this site in a hope to earn a good money. If you are an expert then the situation is different but for the newbies, they can trust us or get experience on their own.

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If you have any doubt or problem regarding the Mannatech then please share it with us. You can write to us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.