Is Market America a Scam? Understand and decide yourself

Hello everyone, we are working on MLM sites for a long and we know many of the sites do not provide a good opportunity. Is Market America one of them?

In this Market America Review, we are going to answer that question with some other questions. Questions like, is Market America Scam? Or is Market America Legit?

These are the best questions that might help you to know about the company working.

There might be a chance that you get to know about this site by your friends or any other person or via social media. We appreciate your effort to that you have taken your time out to do your own research.

This way you can avoid scam and find the legitimate sites working on the internet. You can see our list of legit sites, here:

Disclaimer: we are not associated with this site or company. You can expect an unbiased review. Our article is based on the facts and the way the company is working and nothing at all.

Company: Market America

Founder: JR and Loren Ridinger in 1992

Cost: $399 initial fee and $129/month recurring fee

Scam: NO

Recommended: NO

Brief: it is not a scam. It is a legit site but we found it is a pyramid scheme in disguise. So, it is not good to work on any site whose working is suspicious. We do Not Recommend this company to anyone, either they are expert on marketing business or not. There are many options available on the internet better than this company. More than 90% of the people failed in MLM because due to many factors. The Major factor was lack of marketing knowledge.

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Is Market America a Scam Understand and decide yourself

What is Market America?

Market America is simply an MLM company. In this site, you have to buy their membership which is not cheap. It cost hundreds of dollars. In their package, they teach its distributors to sell their overpriced product in exchange for a commission.

In its own words, Market America describes itself as a product brokerage company. Also, an internet marketing company.

Market America does not produce any product on their own. Yes, it is true. It is not a general MLM Company that have their own product to sell.

They have partner companies all over the world and they provide a platform for their products on their website. They sell other companies product which is not common among MLM Companies.

Due to the same reason, they called themselves a “product brokerage” company.

The Catch

You must be wondering why people buy the product from this site instead of buying the product directly.

The reason is very simple i.e. Cashback. Yes, if you purchase the product from their site then they are willing to provide you cashback on those products. And we all know in present time how cashback works.

The product line of Market America

Since it is ‘product brokerage’ company then it is simple to assume that it has a variety of products and good for people. Their partner’s list is also wide like Target, Nike, Apple, and others.

Product categories of Market America:

  1. Health & Nutrition
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Home & Garden
  4. Pet Care
  5. Internet
  6. Auto Care
  7. Financial Services
  8. Cosmetics
  9. Personal Care
  10. Weight Management

Link between Market America &

Many people are confused between Market America and It is because the domain of the main site is which contain all the information and products.

But the transactions are done via

Do not get confused between them as this is not the right site where you should work. As it is not going to help you earn a fulltime income or good money.

Now let us talk about the right question

How to Make Money with Market America?

This question helps you to understand, why we are not recommending this site for any kind of work to earn money. One of the reasons is that it is not worthy.

Market America as we have told is an MLM Company and you have to recruit new people in order to earn the commission (which is the only best way to earn good money in any MLM business).

Basically, there are 3 ways to earn money in Market America:

  1. You can earn cash back on your own purchase. In simple words, you shop and company will give some percentage of cash back to you after a while. This is the most common thing happening at the present time.
  2. You can earn a retail commission. It is nothing but you have to sell Market America’s products to customers in which you can earn 30-50% commission.
  3. The last and the major way to earn money is by recruiting people. It will help you to earn a residual income and develop your own binary downline teams or groups.

How to join Market America?

The initial fees to get started with Market America is $399 which also include a monthly payment of $129/month.

In this package or subscription, you will get starter guide, audio training series, training system with seminar system, coaching, mentoring.

Their starter package is made to guide people or distributors, how to make money? With their package, they are trying to train you. They also providing materials to get you started.

It might seem that their offering is reasonable. But believe us it is not. Because on the internet there are sites like Wealthy Affiliate is present, who offer all kind of training and services at a very reasonable rate and without any upsell i.e. you do not have to pay anything after buying their package.

Buying a starter pack is not the end in Market America. It is the beginning because the distributors are required to spend $130 to $300 on Market America’s product.

They also have to attend paid seminars and training events. Their cost is something between $20 and $200.

Market America Compensation Plan

They have a binary compensation plan where you need to recruit new people. You have to put new recruit left or right to earn a residual commission.

No matter which company compensation plans you are reading. It is because they all have one thing common and basic i.e. you have to recruit people.

The other common thing is that every compensation plan is very confusing. They build it like that and at the end, you understand one thing that to earn good money you have to recruit numerous new people, the number can be as high as you can recruit.

Cons of Market America

  1. Expensive products: The starter pack of Market America is itself costly. Which is not worthy. We can say that because there are many good options available on the internet that is available at a lower rate.

Do not fall into their words. Every company describes itself as the world’s best sites where they are providing an opportunity for you.

They are business people and their main aim is very simple. To sell more product as possible.

  1. Market America look alike Pyramid Scheme: for those who do not know about the Pyramid Scheme, it is an illegal scheme in which company focuses mainly, on the recruiting more people instead of earning a fulltime income.

From the working of Market America, we can say that their main focus is to get more recruit as much as possible. It does not make them a scam company.

But it is not healthy and affects company performance.

  1. Show Un-fulfilled Dreams: they show unrealistic dreams to their distributors like in a short period of time they will start earning in 4 figures and then in 6 figures. They have to work only for 6 years and after they can take retirement.
    All of them are just dreams, it is because, in reality, nothing happens like this. We are not saying that it does not happen to anybody. We are saying that it happens to very rare people.

People who understand the market and give their 100% to their work earn really good. But they do not use any shortcut. But the company will not tell you that only 5% of people get success in MLM business.

  1. Lawsuits: Market America is facing various lawsuits over the years due to their controversial business model. You can read all those lawsuits by yourself on the internet. It is easily available.

More than 95% of people failed

We are not making this fact. In reality, the failure rate of people in the MLM business is 95%. The real question is that, why it so?

Actually, company target people how do not know anything about marketing and how market work. They just told them that they can earn side earning by selling their product.

Almost all, who do not know about the working start selling their product to the people they know. They recruit people in a family or social circle.

After some time the list of known people get saturated and they stop receiving any income. They earn money as a commission. Since they are not making any sale and therefore, they are not earning any commission.

This demotivates people and they stop working further. This same thing applies to people downline. The whole downline gets demotivated and nobody works further. Nobody works, nobody earns.


Market America is not a scam site but we do Not Recommend this site for any kind of business. We have provided you our opinion and not it is your discretion to work on this site or not. The ball is on your court, take your own decision to go further.

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If you have any doubt regarding Market America please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.