What is MCPlayz? Is MCPlayz Scam or Legit? MCPlayz Review

Hi folks, if you are curious to know about the MCPlayz then you have arrived at the right place where you will get the answers of all your queries. In this MCPlayz Review, we will be answering some most of the asked questions like, is MCPlayz Scam? Or is MCPlayz Fake? Or is MCPlayz Real? Or is MCPlayz is Legit? These questions are imperative to know about the company legitimacy. It is vital because you are going to pay the fees with your hard earned money. Therefore, it is wise to invest or utilize your money in the best possible way. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can answer your query in the next line. We do Not Recommend the MCPlayz site due to various reasons that we are going to discuss in the article. We have seen many complaints regarding using member card details without their consent, fake claims etc.

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What is Mcplayz.com Is Mcplayz Scam or Legit Is Mcplayz Real or Fake Mcplayz Review, Mcplayz

What is MCPlayz? How MCPlayz works?

MCPlayz claims itself to be an entertainment service. It provides movies, music, games and other stuff. To avail all the benefits of MCPlayz you have to sign up first. But to sign up on this site, users have to provide their credit card information. They have said, the credit card information is only to know that the person is real or not. They want to verify you and credit card detail is their parameter. The other reason for it is once your free trial period is over then they will automatically charge money from your credit card. If you cancel your membership before the end of the trial period then they will not charge you any money. This is an overview of the site. In reality, things work differently.

There are many complaints we have seen regarding this site. First, people have complaint about the auto debt of money from their credit card even after the cancelation of their membership before the trial period. It means they are using people financial information without their consent and knowledge which is nothing but scamming people.

Second, members do not find the stuffs that were advertised on the homepage of MCPlayz.  It means they provide misleads or wrong information to their members just to get the membership. It is an unethical way to work for any genuine company. It is nothing but a fraud.

Third, such sites whose working based on scamming people use their personal information. They just accumulate member’s data and turned into a big data which is used by people some third party for their own benefits. Using people information without their consent is one the biggest scam working online these days.

Cons of MCPlayz

  1. MCPlayz lures people and provides wrong information. They want to get a membership and that’s all. They have no sense to provide entertainment or service to people. They want just revenue and for that, they are cheating us.
  2. Credit card information to verify member age and other stuff is a bogus logic. They can use other things like a passport to verify the person. The reason to verify people to use their legit financial information for their own good.
  3. No owner: we did not find the owner of MCPlayz, he/she is hiding his identity from the people. On one hand, he is trying to verify everyone by asking for their credit card detail and on the other hand, he/she hiding his/her own identity which is the most common feature of the scam websites.


We do Not Recommend the MCPlayz site due to its working similar to scam sites. They are not in the entertainment business. On the other hand, they are in the business to scam people. To use this site or not is your discretion we have provided you our finding and our opinion about this site based on experience and facts. Beware of such sites and also help people in your social circle to about the modus operandi of such scam sites.

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If you have any doubt regarding the MCPlayz site, please share it with us and we will help you. It will be our pleasure to help you.

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