What is Mediumplatformcoin.com? Scam or Legit?

What is Mediumplatformcoin.com? Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for the Mediumplatformcoin.com website? You are watching the right page for all your queries. In this Mediumplatformcoin review, we will discuss its working and solve some questions. The questions like, is Mediumplatformcoin Scam? Or is Mediumplatformcoin Legit? Or is Mediumplatformcoin Real? Or is Mediumplatformcoin Fake? This website is basically providing a platform to invest. They are offering very high returns. They are claiming that they have made the investment such an easy process, that you should not worry. You have to just see every day your money growing. If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can summarize it for you. Mediumplatformcoin website is “Not Recommended” by us. It is because it is working on a Ponzi Scheme, which is illegal in many countries. Under this scheme, a company pays to its old members from the money invested by the new members and so on. This way they accumulate huge money or debt from the public and then they run away with all money.

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What is Mediumplatformcoin.com Is Mediumplatformcoin Scam or Legit Is Mediumplatformcoin Real or Fake Mediumplatformcoin Review, Mediumplatformcoin

How does Mediumplatformcoin work?

Any company that is dealing with money should be legitimate. Many companies show their legitimacy via registration certificate. Mediumplatformcoin website also contains a registration certificate. The company is registered in UK Companies House under the company name: MEDIUM PLATFORM COIN LIMITED and the company number: 11057185. Having this certificate is not a difficult task. Anyone can get it by paying just 20GBP. The more disturbing fact about this certificate is that almost every website not recommended by us got itself a registration from UK Companies. Many companies listed in Not Recommended List are turned into scam website. We are not declaring this website a scam because it will pay initially. But surely they will be going to run away with people money. It is because this is how Ponzi Scheme works.

The company credibility is rate by the trust of public on that company. The trust is built through showing transparency in the working of the company. Mediumplatformcoin Company does not show any quantum of transparency. They did not mention the name or any detail of their owner. They did not mention the name of their professionals on their website. Over that the company has guarded their information in WHOIS Records. It means that company is hiding their information intentionally. This luxury is always availed by the scam website. It means this company working is not right, there is something fishy going on.

The Mediumplatformcoin is an investment company. They are offering very lucrative Investment plans. Their range of investment plans is 2% to 4% daily interest on different deposit and no. of days. The point to note here is that no one can, in reality, can offer 4% daily interest on any investment made by anyone. This is the most unsustainable business plan we have seen. It is not wise to invest in such a company that is working away from the reality. The company business model is totally unsustainable.

The Mediumplatformcoin offering an Affiliate Programs. As we know that affiliate programs are work to increase website traffic and their members. Generally, the companies that offer commission on Affiliate Programs sell some product or service. But contrary to a genuine company, Mediumplatformcoin is paying commission without selling any real product or services. Mediumplatformcoin has 3 levels of affiliate programs, giving 4%, 2% and 1% commission on every level respectively. This program makes the Mediumplatformcoin Company more non-reliable than earlier.


Mediumplatformcoin is Not Recommended by us. This website is working on Ponzi scheme as well as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme and both of them are illegal. It is not wise to invest in this website. But if you are willing to invest after reading this article, then you can invest your money. It’s your money and it should be your call where you want to invest or not. We have just provided you our opinion and some essential questions that you should ask the company before making any kind of investment.

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If you have any question in your mind that is not touched in this article then feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.