What is Melaleuca.com? Is Melaleuca Scam?

If you are looking or searching for the Melaleuca.com site review, then you have arrived at the right place. In this Melaleuca review are going to talk much about the many things regarding this site. Some question which we are going to deal in between of our article are like, is Melaleuca Scam? Or is Melaleuca Fake? Or is Melaleuca Legit? Or is Melaleuca Real? Are you curious to find out the Melaleuca product store located and Melaleuca wellness company background? In this review, you will get all the information about the company business and other things. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the brief of this article in next few lines.  This company is not recommended by us. This site does not qualify to list in our Promising Section or Trusted and Legit Work section. It does not mean that the company is a scam or not real. Actually, it is very old MLM”Multi-Level Marketing” companies and pretty much legit also. It is also paying its member time to time. So it is very much clear that this company is not a scam. This company is listed in our “Not Recommended” section because of the complaints we found against this company. There are lots of complaints present on the internet also and complaints are especially against the customer service. All such complaints are reported by the Melaleuca members. Other reasons are that it is very hard to earn money on this site. Main reason behind it is that the company is very old and the market has more competition than earlier. The demand and supply imbalance is there. Demand is low but the supply is great. The brand name is not much popular, it ultimately hampers your opportunity to earn good money.

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What is Melaleuca.com Is Melaleuca Scam or Legit Is Melaleuca Real or Fake Melaleuca Review, Melaleuca

What Melaleuca is about and it’s Background?

This company is founded by Prank L. Vandersloot in 1985 (pretty old). So, it is not a new MLM company. It is selling its product for a very long time. It has managed to survive such a long period despite the great completion. It is a positive point about this company. In the beginning, it was started as a small business in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. On the site, one can easily see that there are varieties of products available on this site. The products like Vitamins and supplements, food and Weight loss, Hot beverages, Medicine Cabinet, Beauty, Cleaning and Laundry and so on. Currently, Melaleuca is operating in 17 countries of the world. It has created a $1 billion in revenue in past few years. If you are interested to know about the business centers of the Melaleuca around the world then the counties in which it has its presence are following:

United Kingdom (UK)

United States (USA)




New Zealand










Mainland China

Hong Kong

All it sounds very great about the company, but hold your breath it is not ends here.

It seems like a successful business but there are many complaints filed by its consumers against it about not being satisfied with their product and especially the services. If you have any plans to make money from this company then it is better for you to drop it. The reason behind such a bold line is discussed below.

How to earn money from Melaleuca?

Anyone can join this site for free. It is very difficult to earn money on this site. Still, one can find many ways to earn money on this site which is shown on this site. There are bonuses available on their website which creates a perspective that there are many ways to make money in comparison with other MLM”Multi-Level Marketing” companies. The bonuses are majorly available for only the high ranking affiliates. Therefore, for new member getting a bonus is very hard or almost elusive. Its membership is free but before start selling the products or start making the new recruits, you also have to buy some products of the Melaleuca. So it seems free but it is not. Without investing on this site from your as well as your recruit side, it makes your earning much difficult.  One of the main problems is that it is an old company and there are many competitors selling the same kind of products which are low in price as compare to Melaleuca. Only positive review of this company is found on those sites who are promoting the products of Melaleuca.

Drawbacks of Melaleuca

  1. Membership is free but without investment from your side and your recruit side, you cannot earn money on this site. If you are not able to sell the products then your earning is obviously be zero.
  2. Melaleuca is a very old company and people complaining about their customer service are not good for company reputation. Moreover, you can also find issued on this site like some customers returned the products to the company and claim for refund. The response people receive from the company side is very negative. Even complaints of charging their credit card without their consent are also there.
  3. The bonuses only available for the top ranking affiliates and not for the newbies. There is not much opportunity available for the new members.


Melaleuca is “Not Recommended” by us due to the various reasons we have discussed in the above paragraphs. There are many arguments left against this company. But the major problems are discussed by us. We have placed all the negative and positive points of the company which we consider are of the utmost importance. To work on this company or not is your personal decision. We are just providing our opinion and what we observe. The best thing is that company is legit, it means you will not be getting scammed by them. You have to work very hard to earn decent money on this site.

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If you got any doubt or problem regarding the Melaleuca site, please write us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.