Mercari App Review : Is a Scam Shopping Site?

Mercari App Review: Is a Scam Shopping Site?

Hello readers, we assume that you are also searching information for Mercari App/site. Then your search meets its end at the right place.

In this Mercari Review, we would like to solve some questions that many people asked like, is Mercari a Scam? Or is Mercari a Legit?

We all like to get a great deal while shopping online. Many e-commerce sites provide different deals to its customers. Therefore, the market for online shopping is very big. It carries a great potential

Among others e-commerce site Mercari is coming up which is also an e-commerce site which provides you with a platform to sell your product directly to the buyer.

If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary of this article. Mercari is not a scam site. It is a legit site. It allows you to sell your product online using their platform and earn money by doing it. Further, details are present in the article below.

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What is Mercari? How does it work?

As we have mentioned earlier, Mercari is an online platform for those people who want to sell and buy different products. This site was owned by Shintaro Yamada in Japan. He founded it in 2013 and launched in USA in 2014. Its headquarter lies in San Fransico, USA.

The range of products is proportional to the people selling the product. The product also vary from ‘brand new’ to ‘third party’. Price also varies with the range of the products. It means you can get a good deal to fulfill your need.


Mercari is an online platform with an app. Here, people can buy and sell a wide variety of new, used, handmade items and much more product range from electronics to household goods and clothing to something else.

The person who wants to sell its product needs to upload the picture of their product and type a brief description of it. They also have to mention the price they wish.

When somebody buys your product or your item get sold, the company send a prepaid shipping label to the buyers so the item can be delivered. When the buyer receives the item and gives his/her rating then seller receives payment.

Buyer has the leverage to see and search different products according to their need and they can make a purchase by just clicking the BUY button.

Once they receive the item, they can check it to make sure they got what they have purchased. They now rate the buyer if everything is right. This releases the payment of the seller.

If you do not find the item right or different from what you have seen then you can deny to give the rating and then contact the company help center within 3 days to return the item or request refund.

Cost of Mercari

This app is completely free to download and use. However, they charge the seller a10% fees for every transaction. Buyers have different option to pay. They can use PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Mercari credits.

Sellers do have the option to include the shipping charges in the price of the item or they can charge it separately. If they charge shipping charges then they will mention it in the products’ description.

To start with Mercari you have to literally nothing but just download the app and sign in it. You can have a new account by providing your Facebook or email information.

Once you are in you can do whatever you want. Either buy the product or sell the product.

Pros of Mercari

  1. Free App: they have put zero charges to use their platform.
  2. Variety of product: you will find different categories of product with the variety of products within it.
  3. Help Center: it is good to have help center which answers people queries. This gives you the assurance of your transaction and also solve any error occur during the process.
  4. Buyer Protection Guarantee: buyer is safe from receiving damaged goods or poor quality of goods or the receiving the goods that are not described or wished.
  5. No need to download the app: you can simply use your account on your laptop. Their site work same as their app.

Mercari Complaints

  1. Not receiving payment: we have seen some complaints people put in Better Business Bureau that they did not receive any payment for their items. Obviously, this complaint is from people seller side.
  2. The fake product described: some complaints are about the item listed on the site. Sellers also complain that some buyers are saying falsely that they did not receive any product in order to save themselves from paying.

There are other some other issues also available online of a similar nature. We did not find fault of the company here. Yes, they should make sure that the item listed on their site should be real and people should not get scammed. It is because it is their name which is selling the product to them.


In short, Mercari is not a scam site or app. It is a legit site or app. One can use with some precaution. Though it is hard for the seller as per the complaints we have seen but still many people can use this site for their use.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Mercari please share it with us. You can write to us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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