What is Moneymakelife.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

What is Moneymakelife.com? Is It Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for Moneymakelife.com to know about its working then you have arrived at the right place. In this Moneymakelife review we are going to solve some general questions asked by our readers like, is Moneymakelife Scam? Or is Moneymakelife Legit? Or is Moneymakelife Real? Or is Moneymakelife Fake? Online earning is not easy but there are many websites available on the interned that are claiming to provide easy job. The person has to done some easy task asked by company and then company credit the amount $5 or $10 in to their account (which is opened in their account). Yes, you read it right the numbers are pretty high and good as well. If you do not want to read our full review and need our assistance immediately then ‘Moneymakelife is purely a scam site’. They are looting people and wasting their time and resources. They are only helping themselves to earn money through online and nothing more. There are many website similar to Moneymakelife (same theme and offers) are already declared Scam in our “Avoid Scam” List. Websites like Incomedoze, Thepayz, Myfixearnings, Youthjobz, Formoneyonly, Jobzipo and many more are the similar sites working on the internet. There may be a chance that these websites are operated by same group of people.

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What is Moneymakelife.com Is Moneymakelife Scam or Legit Is Moneymakelife Real or Fake Moneymakelife Review Moneymakelife

How does Moneymakelife works?

We have already told there are many websites offering easy jobs to people all over the world. Moneymakelife is one of those generous companies. They are offering people $5 to become their members. Yes, one will immediately earn $5 after signing up in their website. The company generally works on referrals. Referrals are the people turned to website via member’s efforts and links. It is basically a strategy on the internet to increase traffic on their website and they earn more revenue through it. Company offers the share of revenue in percentage or fixed amount for every referral converted via members. What happens in genuine companies is that, they offer very low percentage of commission on referrals made by member. Yes, it is true. The percentage is low that is why to earn good revenue through referrals members have to make numerous referrals. The genuine companies never pay in dollars they can pay in cents but not in dollars directly. On contrary Moneymakelife is paying $5 for every referral turn towards website by clicking the member link and $10 for every referral converted. By converted here we means that new member registered through member’s referral. The numbers stated and claimed by the company is bogus and they are not real.
The company will going to credit immediately the account of member after every referral. Why are you confusing us? First, you are saying that company is bogus and now you are saying that company is immediately credit your account?
Question asked is genuine. We are saying that, company is going to credit the account which is opened in their website immediately but they are never going to pay what they are claiming. Yes, you read it right. The company is not going to pay. Company has one policy or condition of minimum payout. Before having a minimum amount in the account no member will be able to withdraw their amount. After passing out the limit of minimum payout when member request for withdraw of their money, company will say that your request is in process and it will take one month time. If member want money soon then they should pay for an up-gradation fee or complete some paid survey for them. Since the surveys are paid the company earn like this also. What happen after completing the survey? Nothing happen because the company will not going to pay. They never had and they never going to be. Here, with peaceful mind think about how can one person can pay $10 for just making a referral and doing nothing? It is absurd to believe them because they have provided no certificate or authentication of their company. They are scam site and they are here to just loot others.
The website owner information is not provided by the website. They did not even provided any name or contact of any person working in this company. They also hided their information in WHOIS records. Hiding information is one of the characteristic of scam sites. They are hiding so that no one can catch them. Since, the company is not genuine and also cheating people, a time in future will come when people understand this that they had been cheated. At that time we want to find such person and we will not find him because they are hiding everything which can leads to them.
The company ask members to share their personal as well as financial information with them. Never share your personal and financial information with any website which is not genuine. They turn people information into big data and then sell it to third party. They also use people financial information to send malware in to their account via which they can theft their account. Revelation of financial information increase the probability of facing the hacker’s wrath.


Moneymakelife is purely a scam site and we do not recommend such website for any use. They are looting people by making them fool. Your time is more precious than some dollars. Try to utilize it on some other genuine websites which are genuinely helping people to earn money.


If you have any doubt about Moneymakelife then feel free to comment in our comment box.