What is Moneysided.com? Is Moneysided Scam?

What is Moneysided.com? Is Moneysided Scam?

If you are searching the internet to know about the Moneysided.com, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to give all the answers of your queries. Cryptocurrency opened a new model of profit making on the internet. Investment in bitcoin is growing day by day. But some players of online market, taking the advantage of new investment market by making it hard to understand by people to whom they should trust. Is Moneysided Scam? Or is Moneysided Legit? Or is Moneysided Fake? Or is Moneysided Real? These are genuine questions come into mind when we read about the fraud websites. In this article we are going to provide Moneysided Review with details. If you do not want to read full article, then ‘we do Not Recommend this site’ because this site is working on ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is the scheme in which company pay to its old members from the money invested by the new members.

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What is Moneysided.com Is Moneysided Scam or Legit Is Moneysided Real or Fake Moneysided Review Moneysided

How does Moneysided works?

Online investment market is new and that is why many people have doubt how to invest here. Some companies are taking the advantage of people ignorance. Moneysided Company is declared it as a limited company registered in UK Companies Registration. It is registered under the company name: MONEY SIDED LIMITED and company number: 11036350. Many people working in bitcoin investment market has acquired UK Registration. We have found out that anyone can register a company in the UK Companies by paying 20GBP only. Their claim to be genuine company has no solid ground to build their edifice of trust.

They are working on a trading strategy called Leverage Trading. Leverage trading means that you take a position which is more than your original investment. Traders borrow money for temporary period and they pay daily interest on this borrowed money.  It is good to declare such a strategy but they did not fundamentals on which an investment market works i.e. trust. People trust the company with their money. But this company does not provide any information about the owners and the experts who are going to handle public money. Even they have guarded their information in the WHOIS records. It creates a doubt about their credibility as an investment company. Since no information of any personal is provided, it make easy for them to run away with people money after closing their website.

They have 4 investments offer, giving interest of 12%, 13%, 14% and 16% on daily basis for different investment or deposits. The numbers are very good and fascinating. Generally people blindly invest their money due to returns are high and ignore the important aspects and questions raised here. The numbers are highly profitable but impossible to sustain by any company for long. It means the company soon going to collapse and have no future. The volatility of the market make it more non reliable.

They have an affiliate program to offer which 3 tier in nature. 5%-1%-1% is the commission offer by the company to its members. Anyone can do referral for the site without investing any money. Referrals programs used by companies to increase their traffic and in reward they provide some commission for users. Their referral programs are good but not reliable because this company business model is highly unsustainable and it will be impossible for it to fulfill the people aspirations.


We do Not Recommend this site. There are no solid proofs of company authenticity. The best advice we can give is that ‘just avoid it’. There is nothing you will gain from here. Earning money is the desire of everyone and also through easy way. Many people taking the advantage of such desire and looting the people tactically. Do not get fall into their trap of greed.

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If you have still any doubt about Moneysided then feel free to ask by commenting in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.