Crave to earn money online? Moolabag app Review

If you are finding about the ways to earn money via mobile phones and electronic gadgets then you have landed on the right place. Majority of the time these days people are struck using mobile phones. Hence, we have got a much better deal than this. Why not use mobile phones while earning and adding some extra money in your pocket.

Here we, in this article will showcase you our recent research about an application which will help you to fetch money in a bountiful manner. Recently we came across an application named Moolabag.

But the doubt arise whether Moolabag is at last legit or just another tactic of the scammers to deceive virtuous people. In this article we will disclose various aspects of Moolabag app.

Crave to earn money online? Moolabag app Review

What is Moolabag app?

Moolabag application motives to bridge gap between the companies and various brands manufactures and the opinions of common people. Various market research companies pay common people like you and me for sharing our valuable opinions of certain brands and industries with the company.

According to the research Moolabag application is owned and controlled by a company named AdSwapper which is operating from Columbia, MO.

By complete some tasks offered by the company like surveys, installing apps, joining prize draws, taking receipt of trial offers, etc.

How does Moolabag app works?

First you need to download the application. The app can be downloaded from either Google Play store or App store. The installation source depends totally on your mobile. After than this you can sign up using your email address, Facebook id.

Once you are signed you will be incurred with various offers. Hence, it is important for you to know that 100 points equal to $1. After you collect $5 in your account then only you will be able to cash out. You can cash out via PayPal or some offered e-gift cards like Wallmart, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Though we completely agree that the application is pretty much simple to use but the organization is not well managed. All the available surveys and tasks will cover your whole of the screen and then purposely you will need to flip through it to discover the other laying opportunities.

Plus, the company has not provided sections thereto separate different tasks. Such categories sections are primarily a part of GPT sites and cash providing applications.


Majority of the prevailing opportunities provided by the Moolabag are exclusive offers which are presented in various different forms.

Some countries provide fewer offers while others are abounded by it. For instance, the residents of UK are summoned with large election of offers. Therefore, the users in UK can avail such opportunity by earning more and expect to withdraw their earning within a relatively small period of time.

Some of the major offers are discussed below:

  • Happy Box: To start with this offer you just need to fill in certain rational details like email address, mobile number, date of birth, number of some documents. After that you fill the details you will directly earn 33 points.
  • Amazon Music: In order to earn money from this offer you just need to sign up and continue to be an active member of the offer for at least a time period of 7 days. And for this you will earn 180 points.
  • Gamehag: In this offer you will have to nearly download the application. After you install the requested app you will receive 500 gems. For completing this offer you will receive 160 points.
  • Simply Book: All you need is to place an order for a free box and just pay its postage with a rational credit card. For this offer you will fetch 240 points.

It might simply be arising that how can a company pay such high points without any benefit of theirs. Therefore, the Moolabag generates cash by presenting you all those offers. The advertisers who wish that people should explore their applications and offered products provide an opportunity to normal people like you and e via apps like Moolabag.

The purpose of advertisers behind such offers is that you may come across one or more products or services which you feel using more. Hence, you will want to become a customer. Hence, the advertisers are willing to risk their capital.

The moment you complete an available offer you will not receive the payment in the similar moment. It may happen that the advertisers may take nearby 72 hours at east for approving your offer.

Picking surveys:

Taking surveys is another opportunity provided by the Moolabag app. The application has partnered with various companies undertaking surveys. Hence you will get paid for sharing your opinions.

The company is a third party survey provider.

It is claimed by the company that the user can earn nearby 1000 points but it is observed that majority of the surveys fetch less than 50 points.

In case if you incur with the problem with the payment and your amount does not get credited than you can contact Moolabag by filling up the form provided in the app.


When you check out the comments on Google about the Moolabag then you will be completely shocked. Latest 20 users have rated Moolabag by providing just one or two stars. Many people have also complained that they certainly have completed the task but their account was not credited.


  • Firstly the application is available for the people worldwide. But there may be limited opportunities available for people in certain areas.
  • The application works for both Android and iOS users.
  • The company pays your share via PayPal which occurs to be the most reliable source of payment.
  • The company provides you various ad abundant offers and opportunities in order for you to earn more money.


  • Unfortunately, the company does not provide any referral program for its members.
  • The company offers low potential income.
  • It is very sad that the company does not pay any signup bonus.
  • The company contains certain few red flags.


As no proof for the fraudulent by the Moolabag can be observed but still there is a risk using the app. Majority of people have failed to enjoy the journey of Moolabag app. Therefore we do not suggest our potential and present readers to use such an application which will only shatter your desires.

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If you are wishing to clear your doubts and queries then please contact us by commenting in the section below.




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