Review: Is Movie Boss a Fraudulent Website?

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Do you like movies? The answer must be ‘yes’ we assume. Today, the digital world has provided us with the amazing experience to watch movies. There was a time when people had only single-screen theaters to watch the movies. Today is not that scenario.

We can watch movies of any genre on our smartphones, laptops and other digital devices. The sites and apps are providing this opportunity to everyone. Amidst these sites, there are some unscrupulous sites also working.

If you see closely to some sites, you will observe that they are not providing the genuine information about the company and its owners. Similar to this there are many faults you can simply see on different sites.

Website: Movie-boss

Owner: Not Found:

Scam: Yes

Recommended: No

Brief: Movie-boss is one of those sites about which we have talked above. It is purely a scam site and we do not recommend it for the obvious reasons. You will see the details and reasons behind declaring it scam later in this article. In short, the truth is that this is a scam site and if you are using it then you are making yourself vulnerable to cyber-attack because on this site you have to provide your credit card details. Scammers can use this detail to do anything and most of the time they just debt money from people account without their knowledge.

We have reviewed many sites and prepare a list of scam sites which you can avoid if you encounter any one of them or similar to them. You can see our Avoid Scam list here:

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What is Is Movie Boss Scam or Legit Is Movie Boss Real or Fake Movie Boss Review, Movie Boss

What is Movie-boss and how it works?

Movie-boss is a site that offers you to experience different genre movies on their site. They are providing the variety of movies which one can watch on any device.

According to them whatever you want to see they have with them. All the claims this site is making are false because if you see their working then you will also come to know that this is nothing but another scam site.

You have to sign up on this site to avail its services. During the sign-up, you have to provide personal as well as financial information to them.

Even to get a trial you have to provide them your credit card details. It is because they are offering 7 days trial period and after this period they will charge you a full monthly subscription.

Cons of Movie-boss

  1. No owner information: as we have explained you have to provide personal as well as financial information to them. They require it because they want to know that you are a real person and not using any fake account.

On the other hand, the site has not provided any information about the person who owns this site. They have not mentioned any name or did not provide any identity of the person behind this awesome site.

Owner information becomes essential because you are going to pay them. Money is involved on this site. Where money is involved transparency become a foremost thing.

What we are trying to say is that genuine companies who deal in money in any way always provide information which shows transparency in their working. It builds trust among people which ultimately build company brand.

  1. False Testimonials: it is very common among scam sites to use fake testimonials to mislead people coming on their site. Do not get fall on those fake testimonials as it can be made very easily.

Complaints of Movie-boss

  1. Auto-debit from a card: many people have complained that after using the site has charged them without their knowledge. They are not using their services but still after some time they receive the deduction message.

This is what happens when you provide our financial information to an unknown site. Never provide personal as well as financial information to anyone.

If you have provided then contact your bank or company to stop those transaction related to this site.

  1. Notable watch the movies: the company claims are high but they are not providing movies as per their claims. It is because they are not genuine people who want to do business.

They are the people who want to earn money in any way. So do not fall into their trap.


Movie-boss is a scam site and we do Not Recommend it. Keep a distance from this site. Do not fall on their claims they are just bogus. There are many genuine sites available on the internet about which we think you might also know.

Never provide you information especially financial information to any site or company which is not famous. Beware of this site and also aware people in your social circle about it.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Movie-boss site then please share it with us and we will be happy to help you.

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