MyCashinHand Review – Is is Scam or Legit?

MyCashinHand Review – Is mycashinhand a Scam?

If you came into this page by social media or searching the term like what is MyCashinHand, MyCashinHand Review, MyCashinHand is real or fake and whether is scam or legit? then you will get all answers here which you are looking for. But before you read our full review , We want to tell you that MyCashinHand is a Scam site. This site doesn’t pay to anyone. There are many sites which are similar to MyCashinHand which only open with the intention of scamming people. If you are looking for real online work than you can find list of good online companises which really pay by clicking this link

Now in the given review below, we will discuss why we declare that  MyCashinHand is a scam site?

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We don’t need too much research to declare the scam site like MyCashinHand. There are many site which look exactly same as MyCashinHand. Dutyspace, Dutyset, Dutypool are the example of similar kind of sites. You can see all these sites have similar theme, So it is an indiaction that all the site are from the same owner. The only difference he does in this site that he changed the domain name and website name. Whenever he open the site, he always registered website privately, So which can make us impossible to find out who is the owner behind it. But he uses the same theme on every site, So it became easy to find that this site is from Same owner who previosuly open a scam site.

MyCashinHand provides very attractive offer on their site for an easy task. The task is that you have to promote your referral link on forums, blogs, facebook walls, e.t.c and you will earn $10 whenever new user click on that link. You will also get $25 when you join MyCashHind. The mimimum cashout limit is $400 in MyCashinHand. For any legit site, you will find very difficult to reach $400 because those sites do not give you $10 for only promoting link But you will easily reach till $400 MyCashinHand because it give you $10 on each referral click.

But the question is, will you get paid by MyCashHind when you request for payout?

No, You will never receive payment from this site. Because this site is totally fake, $10 giving for such a simple task does’t make sense for these kind of sites. You can read our dutyspace review where we explain how these sites work. They only show you that your account balance is earning, But they will never pay you. More than that, they will ask you to upgrade your account in  order to receive payment. But, even upgraded members are not paid by him. Around the internet, You can find many complaints from MyCashHind members for not getting paid.

MyCashHind is aslo make money by selling your email to email marketing agencies. They get your email id when you sign up on their site. So this site is open to make money for themselves not for you.


MyCashHind is a completely fake site, You should stay from this site and the other sites which provides these kind of  offers. We have added MyCashHind is our “Avoid Scam” List. You will find list of scam sites there, if you are scammed by any site, You can report about that site by clicking this link

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If you have been scammed by MyCashHind or want to ask about any other site then please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.