What is Mymonthlywork.com? Scam Or Legit?

What is Mymonthlywork.com? Scam Or Legit?

On the internet, many people search the ways to earn money. If you are reading this article then you are also a seeker. Your search may have takes you to the Mymonthlywork.com website. In our Mymonthlywork review, we will tackle some general problems. Problems like whether Mymonthlywork is Scam or Legit? Whether Mymonthlywork is Real or Fake? Questions stated are imperative. Mymonthlywork is offering money (in dollars) to complete some simple tasks. We should also understand how it can pay? Its working should be clear. Mymonthlywork is the website with low transparency. Can we trust this website? You may not be interested in the Mymonthlywork website working. You may be just seeking to get the website nature, only. Mymonthlywork is a scam website. It is not paying to its members. We did not find any evidence of payment proof. The complaints of non-payment can be seen in any forums. It is not the only site with a unique business model. Websites like Fixweekly, Cashyooo, Salarydone , Moneymylife, Ffreshcash, Salarydaily, Jobreo, Megadollars, Alphajob, Bulkteller, Bestcashjob, Dollarstrue, Netduty and others have similar working.

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How do Mymonthlywork works?

The Mymonthywork website is offering effortless offers. The offers are lucrative and enchanting.  The Mymonthywork claims to pay $10 per Facebook social task. Isn’t it fascinating? Yes, it is. When member join the website, it provide a referral link. The referral link is unique for you. Your work is to promote the referral link. You can promote it on Facebook, forums, blogs, and other social media platforms. The company credits your account immediately when someone clicks on your link. Member will be credited with $10 for every link visit. The catch behind their working is that they do not pay. It is true that they credit the account. The account they credit is the one which is opened on their website. It is a scam website and this is what scam website do. They use people time and resources by giving them hope to earn money with them. On the internet, legit websites will never pay in dollars directly for just making referrals. Referrals are used by websites to increase their traffic. Since, people are the engine behind referrals. The website gives commission to them. But paying in dollars is not viable for any kind of website.

To attract more people, they are offering the sign-up bonus of $10. Do not fall into their trap. They credit the account and show you that your account is increasing. To cash out the money, you have to surpass the minimum payout limit. The minimum payout limit on this website is $300. When you earn $300 then you become able to request for the cashout. The company replies to your request. They simply told that your request is in progress. They delay to process intentionally and want to frustrate member. When you get frustrated and complain back about the non-payment. The company uses member desperate state of mind. They told them that ‘to release the payment soon, the member has to pay the up-gradation fees or complete some paid surveys for them’. It means instead of earning money on this website. The member ended in losing its own.

The scam websites do not come up in front. It is because they are cheating people. They are using their innocence and ignorance for their benefits. Similarly, the Mymonthlywork website operators do not come up in front. They are hiding from public view. The website did not mention about the owner of this benevolent website. This website is offering jobs all over the world. Therefore, the person behind this terrific website must be benevolent. They do not have to hide. They are doing a super job. In reality, the people are hiding because of their unscrupulous motives. They are working unethically. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records. This is the common phenomenon among scam website. Can you trust a person who is not able to share its information, will share its revenue?


The Monthlywork is a scam website. They are not good for anyone. We advise our readers to avoid it. Beware everyone in your social circle about the working of scam websites.  Do not let scam websites take advantage of the people. Do not run towards easy ways to earn money. Scammers took the advantage of the eagerness i.e. to earn money easily and instantaneously.

If you have any doubt about Mymonthlywork website, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.