What is Mypoints.com? Is Mypoints Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article it means you want to know about the Mypoints.com. In this Mypoints review we are going to answer some questions that disturb many people. Questions we are going to answer are like, is Mypoints Scam? Or is Mypoints legit? Or is Mypoints Fake? Or is Mypoints Real? There are many sites working on the internet that gave reward to its members for completing the different tasks provided by the site. Mypoints is one of those sites that gave reward to its members. Since many company work on same phenomenon it means Mypoints is not a unique site. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can provide you brief of our article in next few lines. Mypoints is a legit site and it is not scam. You can earn on this site but you will not going to earn much. It simply means that you will not be able to earn a fulltime or good money on this site. Therefore, we have placed this site in our Not Recommended section.

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What is Mypoints.com Is Mypoints Scam or Legit Is Mypoints Real or Fake Mypoints Review, Mypoints

What is Mypoints about and how it works?

This website as we have already said is a reward giving site for completing the different task it has provided. This site was launched in 2004. It is free to join this site and complete different tasks. This company is similar to other sites like Swagbucks and Fusioncash site. To work on this site you must be a resident of the US or Canada and have an age of 18 years is must.

To earn money on this site you must complete different activities or tasks. The task vary every time. The company does not give your payment directly into cash. Instead of cash they pay it’s in their own currency known as ‘Points’. Now you can understand why they name reflect ‘mypoints’. Once you complete the task you will be awarded the points by the company which you can redeem to get cash or other things like e-gifts, vouchers, and many more. The minimum payout limit is the $10. For those who do not know, what minimum payout limit? Minimum Payout limit is the minimum amount of money you should earn on this site before requesting for the payment.

Different points limit carry different amount with them like $10 gift card will be in the range of 1400-1700 points. This is depends also on the choice of your store. $25 is the minimum payout limit in PayPal, which worth 4550 points in Mypoints.


Customer service is poor: many people have complained about the cutomer service of this company. People have reported that they have contacted the company many regarding their issues but they are being ignored by them.

Not much earning: as we have also mentioned that one cannot earn good money on this site. Therefore, it is total waste to time if you want to earn a fulltime income on this site.

Not a proper system: some people have told the company that their account is credit for certain activities. But company in response accused them for cheating the system. This is not an ethical way to work for any company working in any business.


Mypoints is a site where you can work to earn extra money. But this site will not allow you to earn good money due to its own limitation. It is not good to spend your time and resources on this site. It is because on the internet there are many company working that are providing more opportunity that this site. There you can earn good money. The only good thing about Mypoints site is that it is not a scam. This means if you working on this site it will pay you, but earning will not be much. Therefore, we have placed this site in our Not Recommend section.

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If you have any doubt regarding Mypoints site, please tell us we will help you to solve that problem. You can write in our comment box about your query.

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