What is Myrise.net? Is Myrise Scam or Legit?

Are you looking all over the internet to get the review or information about the Myrise.net site, you have arrived at the right destination. In this Myrise review, we will be writing reasons behind our opinion about this site while answering some of the most asked questions like, is Myrise Scam? Or is Myrise Fake? Or is Myrise Legit? Or is Myrise Real? Or is Myrise Fake? There are many online sites available on the internet that purely working to scam people in different ways. Yes, you read it right. Daily thousands of online sites launch on the internet that tries to loot people in a different manner and in the different style. If you do not want to read the whole article then we can provide you the crux of this article in next line. We do not recommend Myrise for any kind of work because it is a Scam site. The working and theme of this site are similar to other scam sites like EuroUS, BestSun, Hoteuro etc. which we have already reviewed.

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What is Myrise.net Is Myrise Scam or Legit Is Myrise Real or Fake Myrise review, Myrise

What is Myrise and how it works? Why is it a Scam?

The Myrise like other sites scam sites that we have already reviewed (BestSun, EuroUS) has claim itself to be the ‘first integrated partner program for operation in foreign exchange market’. They are providing you an account free of cost in which some amount is already credit by them. The amount is $100, but you cannot cash it out. You have to use this amount for the further operations to increase your money. To cash out the amount two conditions are required. The conditions are: (a) members have to make 20 transactions and (b) members have to invite at least 10 members on this website.

On the Myrise site members get $100 credit initially and they also receive $2-$5 instantly for making the new referral. Making referrals is good for the company, as they got new people and it helps them to get publicity, which ultimate increase the traffic on the site and revenue for the site. Many companies use referrals but genuine companies may commission for making a referral because they sell something. But scam sites like Myrise are not selling anything and still, they are claiming to pay commission on making new referrals.

Myrise on their official site has provided overwhelming claims like they have disbursed thousands of dollars among their members. It is a fake claim. The site is very new and to disburse thousands of dollars need some time. This is not a lottery site where one can win lottery overnight, therefore, it is not possible to disburse such a huge amount. There are other statistics also present which are also not possible for any kind of new sites. What we are trying to prove is that their claims and statistics are bogus and fake. Their main aim by such claims is just to get the attention of people and make them assure that they can earn such a huge amount while working on this site.

Member who joins this will receive $1 daily bonus. It means your initial credited amount is $101. On your dashboard, you will see the list of financial partners. You have to invest your credit money on any of the financial partners like an investment done in share market and earn interest or daily profit by doing this. The operation and function of Myrise are secret nobody can understand what are they actually doing.

The owner information of Myrise is not available on the official website. This shows that they are lacking a transparency in their working. We are concerned about the owner because if the person organizing this site is not real then it is hard to believe in their claims of disbursing thousands of dollars, isn’t it? Transparency is imperative for the working of any genuine company.

The company wants your information both financial and personal. They turned the personal information into big data which they sell to third part on a very handsome rate. They also use the financial information of the members to theft their bank account. This is the most common ways to earn money online from scam sites. Therefore, never share your information with any site which you do not find genuine.


Myrise is a Scam site and we do not recommend this site due to various reasons. Their bogus and fake claims are trying to woo people so that they start working for them they earn a very good amount. They are not working to help anyone. They are working to loot everyone. They are not genuine people or you can say they are not real people. They are not good for anyone. We advise you to keep a distance from this site and aware people in your social circle about the working of such sites so that no innocent person becomes their victim.

If you have any doubt regarding the Myrise and want to share any doubt with us, please do it by writing us. You can write your doubt in our comment box also. We will be happy to help you out.


  1. I did a “suck it and see” trial on MyRise as it was apparently not going to cost me anything, other than a bit of time. They claim to pay any accrued claims for payment at the end of the month….. well, so far they haven’t. Am I surprised? Not really. And now I’ll have twenty minutes or so every day to spend on something else. By the way, there are at least six other similar sites working on the same, almost identical, premise. As always, be discerning.

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