What is Mysurvey.com? Is Mysurvey Scam or legit?

Surveys sites are good to earn money. If you are reading this article, means you want to get some answers about Mysurvey.com. In this Mysurvey review, we are going to answer some general questions and its working. The questions like is Mysurvey Scam? Or is Mysurvey Legit? Or is Mysurvey Real or is Mysurvey fake? This website is basically a survey website. In Survey website you have to complete some surveys offered by it. You will be paid according to the surveys you finished. If you are not interesting to read full article then we can provide you the summary. In brief, Mysurvey website is ‘Not Recommended” by us. It is because it is not worth the time you are going to spend on this website. It simply means that it is paying far less. It will be futile to waste time here, which can be used in some other legit websites.

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What is Mysurvey.com Is Mysurvey Scam or Legit Is Mysurvey Real or Fake Mysurvey Review, Mysurvey

How does Mysurvys work?

Mysurvey is not new. It was established in the 1940s as a market research company. It collects the data from consumers in UK, Canada, USA, France, and Malaysia. Its online version was launched in 1995. It was earlier operated by the Lightspeed Online Research Inc. This company got the longer history than any other survey company.  But we are not recommending it because of the amount of payment. We mean that the earning you could make on this site is very low in comparison with the time and effort spent here. You will not get paid according to your worth or value.

Earn money via Mysurvey

A survey is one of the methods by which one can earn money on this website. Each survey contains different point with it. You will earn those points after completion of the respective surveys. However, you have to spend a good amount of time to complete the surveys given to you. The length of the surveys is extensive in nature. Several times, you found that after completing 75% of the survey, you get screen-out. The reason they provide is either  “you are not qualified” or “the number of people has been already reached out for that survey”. It will be frustrating and dishearten at the same time. It is not the end, some members found out that their account is suspended by the company, without a single warning and no reasons provided for the same. This is a huge issue which member encounter. Unlucky members found their account suspended after they had completed some of the surveys on this website. They had earned the point and were preparing for cashout. The company did not reply in a very responsive way. It makes hard for us to get a reply from them. For the fact, you are losing your time, energy and resources by completing the survey and you are not even get paid for it. It is the main reasons for our not recommendation.

Major discrepancies:
  1. Members have reported different issued with Mysurveys. For instance, the company got more bullets in their gun, which they fire time to time. Member not gets credited after the completion of the surveys. They just simply screen out, for unjust reasons like a number of people has been already reached out.
  2. Sometime member find out himself screen out in the middle of the survey. The reason behind it is he is not qualified.
  3. You will receive payments on points. The payment you receive is very low in comparison with the amount of hard work you put on this website. The conversion rate is $10 per 1000 points. It is really difficult to earn at this conversion rate. It will take really long time to earn 1000 points by completing the surveys.
  4. If you become a member of this website, after some time you will automatically found out that Mysurvey is not very responsive. They will not provide reasons for suspending your account when you contact them after get suspended.


We do Not Recommended Mysurvey website due to discrepancies already discussed above. We are not against of this website. We just want to you to aware of the website working. Since it is paying to its members, therefore, it is not a scam. But it will be futile to work on this site. If you have plenty of free time and did not know what to do, then it will be a great site for you. To work on this website or not is purely your call. We are not judging people choice. You are free to opt what you want. It is just an opinion from our side.

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If you have any doubt about Mysurveys please contact us by placing your comment in comment section. We will be glad to listen to you.


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