What is Myweeklyjob.com? Is Myweeklyjob Scam?

What is Myweeklyjob.com? Is Myweeklyjob Scam?

Are you surfing the internet to know more about myweeklyjob.com then your suffering of surfing ends here.  Earning money online is not an easy task. It seen as a simple job but it too required immense hard work. But due to dash of earning money easily give chance to scam sites to make people fool. If you are reading this article it means that you need to invest your time in better way to earn money and not blindly. Some questions we are going to address are, is Myweeklyjob Scam? Or is Myweeklyjob Legit? Os is Myweeklyjob Real? Or is Myweeklyjob Fake? In this Myweeklyjob Review, readers can get the answers of question stated. If you want our advice immediately then ‘Myweeklyjob is a scam site and do not waste your time in this website’. In our website scam sites list, Bulkteller is already declared as a scam site. It has same theme and offer like Myweeklyjob. It may imply that such websites are operated by same people.

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What is Myweeklyjob.com Is Myweeklyjob Scam or Legit Is Myweeklyjob Real or Fake Myweeklyjob Review Myweeklyjob

How does Myweeklyjob works?

The Myweeklyjob website give 25$ for just signup. This is amazing getting money for practically doing nothing. They guarantee to earn $1500 in first week, by doing simple task of 5-10 minutes. They are claiming themselves as a new innovating and internet job site where they hire to do simple task. Same as the Bulkteller regarding we talked about in upper paragraphs. If you read about Bulkteller, then you will found that we are writing the same data because both of them have the same data. The only difference is the name. They do not even change the wording because they know that people will blindly trust them due to high returns. After registering in this websites they provide user task on their dashboard. The tasks are really very simple. We make it simple to you also. The company is paying high amount to doing useless task.

The owner information is not made public. We are not able to know about the owner because they have guarded their information in WHOIS record. They did not provide any kind of information about the personals working in this great website. It simply means that they intentionally hiding their identity. Hiding the information is the most basic feature of the scam sites. They leave no trails so that no one can catch them. One question arise in our mind is that, people who are not able to share their information with anonymous people? Are they will be able to share their revenue with the anonymous people?

Website asks people to provide their personal information to them. They just accumulate information from people and turn it into big data. We know that in present world information is the new currency. They exchange this currency (big data) with third party for real world currency. They earn money from different angles that we cannot imagine. They ask people to give their financial detail so that they can pay them. But in reality they never pay to anyone. They just send phishing emails or malware like Wannacry ransomware and loot the people. Revelation of financial details make user more vulnerable to hackers attack.


 Myweeklyjob is purely a scam site. It is futile to use your resources on this website. They never pay to anyone. They have only one aim to make one for them only from people. Making money is tough job but not impossible. Nobody will pay anybody in this world for doing useless task and job. Before, indulging in this kind of website we should ask question from ourselves objectively.

If you have still any doubt about Myweeklyjob please free to ask. Provide your valuable question in our comment box.