Namicloth is a fake online retailer!

Namicloth is a fake online retailer!

“Namicloth.com is a fake website that we do not recommend for any form of shopping”.

Namicloth is a global online shop that specializes in the most up-to-date, affordable fashion for women. It primarily sells moderate women’s clothing and accessories such as tops, blouses, dresses, and pants. For their clients, the website offers low-cost clothes with major discounts. It also offers free worldwide delivery to customers who spend more than $89.

The “Elegant Vintage Lapel collar Medium Dress” is available for $36.56 with a 37% discount. The dress comes in two colors: navy and yellow, and you can order it in any size you want.

There are many other flaws in the website that raise serious questions about Namicloth’s credibility, but our aim is to provide our readers with a fast and easy review of the website.


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