What is Neobux? Is Neobux Scam or Legit?

 What is Neobux? Is Neobux Scam or Legit?

We have decided to list the Neobux site in our “Not Recommended” section. The reasons behind the rented referrals of the company and the difficulty people face to earn money on this site. It is neither a scam site nor it stopped its payment. Still, we do not find it worthy because of the time and efforts you invest on this site is not profiting anyone. One can earn good money while working for other site with same effort.

We were getting terrific traffic on our site and also have much referral in our Neobux account. We have worked in Neobux for five years and we do “Not Recommended” this site. If you are wondering why we did that it is because we are not able to earn good revenue. The point we want to make clear is that we are in online marketing for six years and we have used each and every strategy to earn good money on this site but we are not about to earn more than $100 per year from Neobux. Now, you can understand the difficulty of the task.

In the beginning, we had used rented referrals and also managed them but it did not work for us because later we came to know that most of the (almost all) rented referrals are ‘bots’ in reality. They are controlled by the admin. After it we focused to make direct referrals on this site and we get success on that front. Still, the earning was not great. It is because we are not able to get active referrals. The active referrals are the people who work enthusiastically to make more referrals and work in your downline. Many people who join the Neobux think that they are going to earn by their clicks and by the rented referrals. After sometime people realize that things are not going the way they imagine. They just leave the site and stop working. Once anyone finds it to difficult earn money on this site they lose their enthusiasm and stop their work.

You can imagine by yourself, we are getting the huge traffic on our site. Everyday many people read our articles and many of them used to turns into the referrals. Still, we are not able to earn good money on this. What we are trying to say is that even making numerous direct referrals and advertising this site in PTC sites and other platforms, we were just able to earn pocket money. So, we decided to “Not Recommend” this site and advice you to use your time and effort in some other sites. In conclusion, the Neobux is time wasting site which is not good for anyone who wants to make good money on this site. And we do not want anyone to have wrong hope from this site. Due to the reasons we have given in our article, we have place the Neobux in our “Not Recommended” section. If you still want to work on the Neobux then it is totally your call. We have just provided our opinion and what we have experienced on the Neobux.

If you want to know about the sites that are legit and authentic and also pay its member on regular basis then you can see our list of good sites. In our “Trusted and Legit” section we have provided the list of some sites that are good and also legit. To see the list, please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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Our previous review on Neobux is below:

If you are looking to know about the Neobux site then you have arrived at the right place. In which you are going to have the full detail and information about the Neobux. In this Neobux review, we will tackle some questions regarding the same site like, is Neobux Scam? Or is Neobux Legit? Or is Neobux Fake? Or is Neobux Real? Moreover, we are going to discuss about the background of the Neobux, How does Neobux work, Neowbux Payment proofs, Neobux Complaints, Neobux overview, Neobux rented referrals, Drawbacks of Neobux, and our experience of Neobux. If you are not interested to read the full article and want to know about the site in short then we can provide you the brief of this article. We do “Not Recommend” Neobux, due to various discrepancies and drawbacks we observe on the Neobux. The details of discrepancies and drawbacks are written in below article. Do read if you want to have a complete understanding of the Neobux site.

What Neobux .com Is Neobux Scam or Legit Is Neobux Real or Fake Neobux Review, Neobux

In the beginning of the review of the Neobux we want to clear one point i.e. you cannot earn much on this site. If you have any dream of earning good or huge money then we are sorry for that. The reality still remains the same the Neobux is the site where you will not be able to earn money as worth of your efforts. Therefore, we wanted to make clear any wrong hope you might have regarding this site due to its claims. The Neobux is also not good for the advertiser as they are not able to earn a good profit or revenue by advertising their ads on Neobux platforms. Due to such reasons we do “Not Recommend” Neobux and also other PTC sites on our website. There are other PTC sites also available in our “Not Recommend” list which you can see by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/not-recommended

Background and Overview of Neobux

It is good when site provide their owner information. It builds the company credibility and trust. We are also support those sites which have provided enough transparency in their work which assure about the company legitimacy and work. Neobux was launched on 25 March. 2008. The founder and owner of the Neobux is Fernando. As you can see Neobux is almost decade old, it is not a scam. It is working fine, but it is not providing enough money. After putting lots of hard work, you will be able to earn only pocket money. In Neobux one can earn by clicking the ads and viewing advertisement.  Usually, the money you will earn by clicking the ads and viewing it for 10-20 seconds will be around $0.001 to $0.01 per ad click. But as our policy we are not do “Not Recommend” any PTC site and we are not recommending the Neobux site but still to make you understand the working of the company, we will discuss its function and how it operates.

How does Neobux works?

Neobux is one of the PTC sites which are based on the bux model. We do “Not Recommend” the PTC site. The PTC full form is ‘Paid To Click” in which usually members earn by clicking the ads which is given to them by the PTC sites. Neobux is beneficial for both parties i.e. viewers as well as the advertisers. People generally work on this site to view the ads. As we know advertising market is very big. The PTC site is one of the ways some advertisers advertise their product. Their rates are different for different plans. You will not be able to earn much money on such sites. Earning money can be done in different ways but the main methods are viewing ads and referrals. The company will provide 10-20 ads daily to its members. The ads timing may vary and their money can vary with that also. But the maximum amount you will earn by clicking and viewing the ads will be $0.01.

Referrals are used by various companies to increase their web traffic that ultimately help to increase their revenue.  There are two types of referrals work on a PTC site. One is known as Direct Referral and another is known as Rented Referral. The Direct referral is the one which is made by the members by their effort i.e. directly by them. The Rented Referral is the one in which referrals are given on rent by the company which is not made directly by the members. In reality such rented referrals are not the real person but ‘BOTS’. The bots are managed by the company admin. In the beginning they work perfectly but after sometime they stop working i.e. they become active referral to non-active referrals which is not increasing your income. Whenever company faces any losses the admin reduce the rate of rented referrals by their own without your consent, which ultimately hampers your income.

As you make new member by your direct referral in Neobux, when they click the ads on the site or upgrade their account you will get commission on that. Commission is the best way to increase your revenue.  So when your referral clicks the ads you will receive commission only if you have also clicked the ads. If you are a free member then you will find 4 orange ads and 9 orange ads as you upgrade your account. You have to click these oranges ads everyday to get the commission from your referrals. If you fail to do the same you will not receive your commission. There are other minor objectives also available on the site which helps you to earn income like completing offers, mini jobs, crowd flower tasks etc.

As we have talked about the rented referrals and how they are operated. We advise you to not buy any kind of rented referrals. They are not going to help you to earn a good income. Even situation might appear when you will not be able to cover the money you invested to buy rented referrals. If you are thinking to work on the Neobux even after knowing its drawbacks then we advise you to work more on direct referrals. Direct referrals are the way you can really earn some good money. If you able to make 200 active direct referrals then there is a chance you will earn good money. But still to earning good money on the Neobux is very-2 hard task. Therefore, we do “Not Recommend” this site.

Direct referrals are a good way to make money in Neobux. Direct referrals are those people which are referred by you. Still, the direct referrals not going to help you to earn a good money. It is because the person who is working in your downline will not be able to work as hard as you may be working. He/she will lose their enthusiasm. It is very hard to maintain the active referrals. Since people when does not see any growth, stop working on the site. This way you will not be able to earn money by your referrals. This is one of the drawbacks we are talking about. We do “Not Recommend” the PTC sites because of the numerous drawbacks which are going to talk below.

Drawbacks of Neobux:-

  1. PTC sites generally turned into a scam after few months and some turn into scam after few years; it is due to their claim of earning money is very low because of which they survives for long time. But ultimately they turned into scam even after successfully running for good number of years. Neobux is also a PTC website; therefore, the potential of turning it into a scam site is also present.
  2. As we have told above that earning of money on this site is not much. It is so low that you will not be able to earn even a $10 per year from your own work and efforts on the Neobux. It is one of the main and important reasons behind our not recommendation of the Neobux site.
  3. Since you are not able to earn good money on this site. Same will happen to your referrals. Due to low earning you will not be able to retain your referrals for long which very imperative for your income. If you lose or do not have any active referrals, it means you are losing your money. It is ultimately going to hamper your income which is already very low.
  4. PTC site also allow advertisers to advertise their product on it. But it is not beneficial for advertiser because the Neobux has a very poor quality of traffic. It is because only those people watch their ads that are working on this site to earn money. No genuine viewer is going to see their ads. It means the purpose of advertisement is not fulfilling on this site. If the advertiser does not have any genuine viewer for its product then those views are not good for it. So in short, advertising in PTC site is not good and beneficial.
  5. Rented referrals are those referrals that a person buys from the company which is not directly referred by him or her. Neobux do have a rented referral feature. But we want to give advice here is that do not use the rented referrals. It is because when you rent a referral, you will find it good and working quite beneficial for you but later when you rent more referral then you are going face the troubles regarding rented referrals. What happens after some time your rented referrals will become inactive referral which is going to hamper not only your income but you will not able to recover the money you have invested in buying the rented referrals. In short, it is very difficult to earn good money via rented referrals in Neobux.
  6. There are some rules and norms of the Neobux which are very strict and stern. For instance, if you write something harsh or against the Neobux site on their forum they will going to ban you from their forum and moreover, they can suspend your account. It means you are not able to talk free and if there some discrepancy face by you and you reveal it then they are not going to correct. Instead they are going to ban you for writing the truth. If a company is not able to listen against itself then it means they are not good and they do not want to grow. So if you work on this site then always be much careful before writing anything on their forum. They have mentioned their Terms of Service on their site, which you should first read very carefully before posting anything on their site.
  7. To get your commission on the Neobux you have to click ads every day and at several times. If you are not able to click that particular no. of ads then you are going to lose your commission. The company is not going to refund it after once you miss the deadline. This makes the company rules more stringent towards the member money. Some kind of emergency may happen but they are not going to consider it.
  8. Neobux support panel is very bad. They are not good in their relationship with their members and also with solving their problems. They do not respond on time to the members grievances.

Therefore, great no. of drawback we found in the Neobux site, we have placed it in our “Not Recommended” section. This site is not going to benefit anybody. But if still you have a dream to work on this site then you can do that and waste your time. We want to tell you that the same time and effort you put on this site will help you to earn more money from any other genuine site.

If you are looking to know about the site that is working very genuinely to help people around the world then we offer you the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company is working very gracefully and expeditiously for the last 13 years. They have provided their training programs and services to people around the world to have an online business. To know more about the working of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please visit our page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarding the Neobux site, please do ask us by commenting in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.


  1. Hi. Is this a true business or a scam?

    • Hello Baleze,

      Binaryworld-foryou is a very new site, Only two days old. And this time, It is on under construction. So we don’t have enough details about this site. So when it will be live, We will tell you whether it is good site or not.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.
      We are happy to help you.

      • I’m a member of S2S secret to success it is legit not scam try to check the review of this company 🙂

  2. My problem with neobux is not use with tablets. I don’t know when the personal responsibility for this software will look a solution for that cause i don’t have a computer to use for this now. Then my account was not open cause of this problem. Thank you and wish the best reply from you

    • Dear Eulalie,
      Neobux don’t allow users to view advertisements on moblile phones/tablets, If any one try to do that they will permanently suspend their account. If you want to use Neobux then you need to click advertisement using a mouse and

      • Thank you for your answer, i’m not happy for that cause i think my account was suspend with 5 or 6 dollard. I didn’t know that before so was try with my tablets. As i told, i don’t have a possibility to use a computer now….

        • Dear Eulalie,
          We are sorry for your loss. But before working on any site, You should always read TOS(Term of Services) of the that site which help you to understand the site properly and then you will not lose your hard earned money.

  3. when neobux sent a verification code to my email account and it turned out to be a spam message, automatically by gmail. does that means it’s not legit?

  4. Dear Eulalie,

    How can i register with Neobux , since we do not have a broker in nigeria

    • Dear Ette,
      We do not recommend Neobux anymore in our site. However, if you wan to join Neobux then you can simply click on register button on their official website. You have to fill all the blanks given on the page. After that you have to confirm your email id. Once you confirm your id then you will be able to access your neobux account.
      You can use given payment procedure: Payza, Skrill, or NETELLER to cashout your money from Neobux.

    • Dear Tyson King,
      We are not able to understand which kind of ‘Payouts’ you are talking about. Can you please elaborate your question? Then we will we be able to help you.

  5. I have spent a lot of money in neobux ( nobux ) and never get any returns. It all depends on your clickers and they are hard to buy and keep. I think it is too expensive and takes a lot of your time and money, if you can´t invest big from beginning do not start.

    • Dear Kitty Gilfalk,
      you are right and because of the same reason we have placed the Neobux in our Not Recommended section. It is not viable to work on this site. It is not help anyone to earn as much as their are putting their effort on this site.

  6. NeoBux is not what it was 2-3 years ago. When I joined NeoBux back in 2010 one could earn some money by their rented referrals. Today that is impossible!
    Even members with an Ultimate membership with more than 10 000 referrals doesnt earn money. If you check the Stats section in the NeoBux forum you will see that the few who post their stats make nearly nothing.

    Some people have invested thousands of dollars in Neobux, thinking of it as a good money making oppurtunity, and I am one of them. But it isnt, not anymore.

    So, what has happened?
    Some years ago most ultimate members had an 0,68 – 0,70 average of referral clicks, which could make you alot of good money, depending on how many rented referrals you have. With 10 000 rented referals you could easy earn 15 dollars per day, but now you earn 0,5 – 1 dollar per day with the same amount of referrals. The average have dropped from the previous 0,68 – 0,70 to 0,58 – 0,61.

    Imagine, investing 10 000 USD in order to rent 15 000 referrals, and only make 1 dollar per day in profit. You will never get your money back!

    But the most suspicious thing is that the referrals available for rent passing through the same filter they did years ago, according to Admin.
    Before a referral are avalable for rent he must have been active and clicked 17 advertisements during 10 days, but immediately he has been rented he starts to click much less, not even the half.
    I dont think neobux are using bots, maybe they mix bots with real humans, but I am 100% sure Admin controlls how many clicks you will get from your referrals.

    2010 when I joined Neobux the ultimate members had a yearly average of 0,82 and since then then average have dropped, year by year. Last year the average for the whole year ended at 0,61 and it looks even worse for 2018.

    I have always been suspicious about some things in Neobux. When you sign up you get pretty good referrals. But when you upgrade to Golden the same referrals suddenly starts to click much less, and this happens to alot of people. The neobux forum are full of people complaining that the average dropped immeditely they’ve upgraded to Golden.
    How could that happen to so many if it wasnt Admin who had pre-set your referrals average?

    Neobux owns by a man called “Fernando Jose Teixeira Rato” on adress Av. Calouste Gulbenkian,1466 1dto, Senhora da Hora, Sra.Hora 4460-266 PT,,Portugal
    I am not sure if that is his real name, he cannot be found anywhere but one thing is for sure, that adress is fake!

    So, my advice to all who have plans to sign up with Neobux:

    • Dear Mr Zeb,
      yep, you are right that is why we are not recommending Neobux. We also had numbers of rented referrals but we found that most of them inactivated after few days.Even we have good number of direct referrals still we are not earning good money from this website. We have already discussed drawbacks about Neobux in our above review. However, Neobux is paying on time so we can’t say them a scam website but we advised everyone to stay away from this website.

    • Dear Mustapha Abdullahi,
      We do not recommend Youoption because it is a Binary option website. There is always a risk to lose your money in these kind of websites so we advised you to stay away from Youoption.

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