Is Nerium International a Scam? Know, what others will not tell you!!

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In this Nerium Review, we will deal with the questions like, is Nerium Scam? Is Nerium working as Pyramid Scheme?

Like most of you, we also come to know about this site by different social media platform. After looking into it we thought to write a review on this.

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Nerium is the site which has products related to skin care. Their main and flagship product is their anti-aging product. They are solely dealing in products related to skin care which lead to the healthcare sector.

Healthcare sector is a huge market which can hold many players at the same time. That is why daily many players launch their products.

Disclaimer: we are not associated with Nerium site in any way. The opinion written in this article are based on only facts and our observation blend with our experience of writing such an article.

Company: Nerium

Founder: Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor

Cost: Startup kit ranges from $49.9 to $1.7K

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Brief: Nerium is not a scam site. It is a legit site with a good past. It is an MLM Company which provide earning opportunity like any other MLM company. But they have a different model than many other companies. In their offer, they provide an opportunity to earn an iPad and Lexus cars. One can earn good only by recruiting as many members as possible. We do Not Recommend this company for any earning because having an opportunity is the different thing and turning it into success is different.

Is Nerium International a Scam Know, what others will not tell you

What is Nerium?

According to the site, Nerium is a “global relationship marketing company offering breakthrough, proprietary age-fighting skincare and wellness products.”

For people who are looking to it as an opportunity to earn money, a company has written, “Are you interested to earn a part-time to a fulltime income by just sharing and selling products you love?”

These two lines are the best way, how one can brag about themselves in a modest way. But this company is one of the fastest growing companies. So such kind of attitude is ‘ok’.

Nerium is a legit company. They are not scamming anybody. Even though the success rate of earning is very low but it does not mean the company is a scam. It is pretty much good site and company.

In simple words, it is an MLM Company which offer people to earn money by selling their products in retail or earn commission by recruiting the new products.

Nerium International deal with products relating to age-fighting skincare and wellness products. Basically, their products are of anti-aging.

Nerium Product Line

In the beginning, the company had only one product which is now is their flagship product: Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream (aka NeriumAD).

Other products on Nerium site are:

  1. Lotion
  2. Face Wash
  3. Eye Serum
  4. Vitamins

Nerium has claimed that their products are advanced and clinically tested anti-aging product. Their products are very effective and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation, which provide an overall improvement of the damaged skin.

Do you know? Nerium got its name from the plant known as Nerium Oleander which is used in their products.

Nerium Kits

As we have already mentioned, two ways are most famous and general among MLM Companies to earn money. First, you can sell the product in retail and earn retail income. Second, you can earn money by recruiting new people downline and earn a commission (which is good because the company promotes this kind of earning more than retail).

To be their member or distributor you have to start with buying starter kits:

Basic kit cost is $49.95- it includes, personalized marketing website, training/marketing materials, online business center, Nerium order forms, self-development audio books, info on hosting your Nerium party/opportunity presentation.

Starter Pack cost is $249.95: it includes the Basic kit and 3 bottles of night cream.

Bronze Starter Pack cost is $499.95: it includes the Basic Kit, 4 bottles of night cream + 1 bonus day cream

Silver Starter Pack cost is $999.95: it includes the basic kit+ 14 bottles of night cream + 2 bonus day cream

Gold Starter Pack cost is $1, 749.95: it includes the Basic Kit + 30 bottles of night cream + 4 bonus day cream.

You have also notice that there is no product in the Basic kit. This kit is meant to provide you the means by which you can sell the product. But it does not carry any product with it. So the best and only option left for you to get started with Nerium product is their Starter Kit which includes Basic Kit and products as well.

Compensation plans of Nerium

In order to receive your commission, the only condition is that you have to be an active member and do regular sale only them you will be able to earn a good income.

It means hundreds of dollars of sale or purchase has to be done to stay active and earn a commission. For beginners, it is not suitable as they are dire need to earn money and here, there is a possibility that you will lose more money in order to stay as an active member.

Nerium International has their focus on helping others to get the Lexus Car Bonus (this is also the reason why we stated their compensation plan is different from others):

What is the concept? You have to recruit 3 people and earn a 10% check match. Then you help first 3 sponsored members recruit 3 people under them to get iPad.

Again Help your first 3 sponsored members to get an iPad and you can have a Lexus Car Bonus (One Year Lease only). Furthermore, help 12 people to get a Lexus Car Bonus and earn another $50,000 bonus.

Retail Commission: 10% to 26% commission

Team Commission: it is based on the commission you can earn from the sales of your downline people.

Other bonuses: Customer Acquisition Bonus, Pack Bonus, Senior Director Bonus, Coaching Commission and Many more…

Cons of Nerium

  1. Recruitment is the sole purpose: it seems that the company does not want to sell their product and just want people to become their distributors. Their plans and working all point out that the company focuses more on recruitment then selling its product: This is how Pyramid schemes work.
  2. Is it a Pyramid Scheme? Even though its working is similar to Pyramid scheme but it is not a pyramid scheme. Or will say that it is confusing to say is it Pyramid or Not. But since, it is a legitimate company we do not believe that they are involved in the illegal scheme.
  3. Bad tactics of marketing: as newbies, people get a basic kit and use it to make a site to sell the product they use photoshopped ‘Before and after’ photos to show the effectiveness of the product. Many people have a complaint that the distributors are too pushy to recruit new people.
  4. Lawsuits: believe it or not this company is facing a lawsuit even being a one of the fastest growing company. In their timespan of almost 8 years, 20 lawsuits have been filed against them regarding product liability, employment discrimination, trademark infringement and others.
  5. Complaints: there are many complaints you will find against this company filed in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Even Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received complaints regarding this site.

Pros of Nerium

  1. BBB A+ rating: even having different complaints against it, Nerium still have been accredited by A+ rating in BBB.
  2. Strong Growth: believe it or not Nerium is one of the fastest growing company. It is also the fastest and youngest company ever to be included in the top Global 100 list. It is also the fastest company to hit $100 million within its first year.

High Failure Rate

More than 90% of people fail in their pursuit to earn money in MLM Companies. It is because many newbies without understanding the working of the market start their journey with half and vague knowledge.

People generally, in the beginning, use their known people list to sell their product or recruit them. So initially, they earn good money. But as time pass the list get saturated and they did not even earn enough money to be an active member.

Some people to save their members buy the product themselves and instead of earning money they tend to invest their money in the product which they are not able to sell further.

This way people lose their motivation and enthusiasm to earn money. This lead to failure.

A similar case happened with the people they recruit downline and in the end, nobody earns anything from it.


We do Not Recommend Nerium site. It is a legit site and they are not scamming anybody. If you are an expert in marketing then you can work on it. If you are newbies then do not work on this site. It is simply an advice at the end you the master of your fate. Take wise decision before moving towards anyway.

People fail in their pursuit to earn money simply because they do not know about the market and do not know how to sell the product to other people.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Nerium site please mention it in our comment section and we will answer it. We will be happy to help you.