What is Newsmain17.com? Is Newsmain17 Scam?

What is Newsmain17.com? Is Newsmain17 Scam?

Are you searching Google to know more about Newsmain17.com? Then your search end at the right place. The cyberspace is very vast and many people operating different sites. In the midst of all websites many fraud websites are also working. They fool people to earn money for them. In this article we are going to cover some questions like, is Newsmain17 Scam? Or is Newsmain17 Legit? Or is Newsmain17 Real? Or is Newsmain17 Fake? You do not want to read the full article and need our review immediately. Then we will say that ‘this website is purely a scam site’. Do not waste your time and resources in this site.
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How does Newsmain17 works?

Right information is very essential for building trust. This site did not provide any information of about their owner. Even they have guarded their owner information in the WHOIS records. On credibility this site got zero rating. We cannot trust a site like this that it will pay to someone after reading of article. In reality they did not pay to anyone. They hide their information so that no one catches them when they shut their site and run away with people money.
Before this site many sites are also worked on the same theme. They did not even bother to change the amount of offers. Sites which are already declare scam in our site like, Socupnews, 17upnews, and Majorsnwes are also having the similar theme. If you read those articles and then this article, you will be surprise that these sites did not change even the numbers. This simply implies that these are sites are run by same group of people who runs earlier scam sites.
Here, are the offers they are giving $3.17 for reading an article. Isn’t this amazing reading an article and that is also for only 10 sec because you have to confirm that you have read the article or not. They provide ridiculous articles to read which make no sense. You will get 30 articles per day and this way you can earn $100 every day and also $700 per week. They have also a minimum payout limit of $2700. This means that to withdraw your money you should have $2700 in your account (which is created on their website). They delay the withdrawal process and asks user to pay for up gradation of their process or they complete paid surveys.
They are also running an affiliate program in their site. This program in general help website to generate traffic for them and since this is done by referrals of people. They also give some amount to people also. With increase in traffic they are able to sell their space for advertisement and to Google-ads. Genuine company also offer referral commission but in percent that is also very low. They are giving $170 for every referral made by people and also 15% commission from their referral amount. The amount they are offering is not impossible for a company for sustain for long. It simply means that they are not going to pay or will run away.
The website also asks you to provide your personal information. Once you provide your information, they sell it to the anonymous third party and generate revenue for them. They do not have any motive to pay people what they want is to earn as much as for them by using others resources.


This site is 100% scam site and we advise you to avoid it on the first instance. They are claiming to give money easily but they are not. One can find complaints of not paying from such sites. This is a very-2 common feature of scam site. We should also have some wisdom that how anonymous person could will give you such a high amount. When people know you are not able to give a penny without reason.
Wealthy Affiliate Company is the genuine site which is working from 2005. It has helped many people to live their dream of earning money online. It has provides various training programs on their site. We have also done a Wealthy Affiliate Company review which you can access by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question regarding Newsmain17 feel free to ask. Give your important comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.