What is Newstrend18.com? Is Newstrend18 Scam?

What is Newstrend18.com? Is Newstrend18 Scam?

To get the information about the Newstrend18.com, you have arrived at the right page. In this Newstrend18 review, we will answer some questions asked by the people from us. The questions are essential to know about the company credibility. The questions like, is Newstrend18 Scam? Or is Newstrend18 Legit? Or is Newstrend18 Fake? Or is Newstrend18 Real? We know that you are also trying to find out the answer to stated questions. There are many websites available on the internet that offers easy ways to earn money. They offer easy tasks and claims to pay in dollars. The Newstrend18 is one of such websites. If you are not willing to read the full review, we can reduce your labor of reading. The Newstrend18 website is totally scam. They are not paying to its members and they are not legit. The company has similar working like the other scam websites that get places in our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list. The websites that have similar working like Hitofnews, 7scoup, 17upnews, Majorsnews, Socupnews, Newsmain17, Newsmain18 and others.

On the internet, you will find the legit websites also that pay to its members. We also have a list of legit websites on our website. To access the list, click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities


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What is Newstrend18.com Is Newstrend18 Scam or Legit Is Newstrend18 Real or Fake Newstrend18 Review, Newstrend18

How does Newstrend18 work?

The working of Newstrend18 is not very different or unique. The company has one task for you i.e. reading the article. You have to conform yourself that you have read the article and then the company will credit the amount to your account. Do not get any dream here the credited account is the one that is opened on this website and not your bank account. It takes hardy 30 seconds to complete the article. The company claims to pay you $2 to $4. It is not possible to earn money for just reading the article for less than 30 sec. and earn in dollars directly. Therefore, company claims are bogus and fake.

The referrals programs are also used by Newstrend18 website. Referrals are used by websites to increase their traffic and members. They in reward pay to its members who make referrals and earning is totally depend upon the number of referrals one make. They are offering you $170 for every new referral and 15% commission on your referral earning. The company offers are very lucrative and profitable in every sense. As we have mentioned the company credit the account also. The problem arises when a member asks for the payment.

After meeting the company minimum payout limit i.e. of $2400, member request for release of payment. The company reply that your request is in the process and it will take some time to release your payment. The company delays the process intentionally so that people left the website on their own. The company is working to cheat people. Therefore, they are not going to pay you. The company replies to people complaints of non-payment. The company asks the members to complete the paid surveys or pay for up-gradation of a process. Some people complete this condition also but they never receive the payment. The complaints of non-payment can be seen in any forums available on the internet.

The website does not talk about its owner. It means the company is working without the owner. There is no declaration of any person to whom you can contact in case of a problem. The company did not provide any information about any person behind this company. It simply indicates that there is something fishy about the website. The information of owner is also hidden in the WHOIS records. It means the people operating this website do not want to reveal their identity at any cost.


Newstrend18 is a scam website. It is purely cheating the people and using them. They use people information both personal as well as financial information to sell to some third party. It is ethically and morally wrong. The company working is not right they got zero in every sense of credibility. Avoid this website and beware of other such websites.

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