What is Nicelogo.net? Is Nicelogo Scam or Real?

Nicelogo review is an in depth analysis of Nicelogo.net. Is Nicelogo scam? Or Is Nicelogo legit? Is Nicelogo real? Or Is Nicelogo fake? These are the general questions we seek to address about the website. You are on the right page if you are looking to find out more information about Nicelogo. If you are looking for a quick and a simple answer, then the answer to the above question is that it is a sham website. Continue reading this review to find out why we consider it a no go zone and also help you spot and avoid similar websites in the future.


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What is Nicelogo? Why it is a bad site?

Nicelogo.net basically claims that you can earn money by simply rating company logos. At first it may appear like a simple transaction, but when you hear what they claim to pay is when you start noticing cracks on their wall. They claim the minimum amount for payment is $30 for a simple task of just rating logos. The task is effortless and does not even take more than two minutes of your time, yet they pay they offer you is ridiculously high. The rule of thumb dictates that when the deal is too good to be true, its best to think twice. They also offer to pay you $5 when you register an account with them. The business model they describe cannot sustain itself and still remain profitable if they are giving out such hefty payments. Once you register with them, they give you a referral link to promote to your family and friends. The referral bonus they give also sounds too good to be true. They give you $1 for every new user. The other benefit of their referral program is that you are credited with 30% of the earnings your referral makes. No company can remain profitable with such a high payout rate to its employees.

The website is a complete sham right from the start. When you attempt to find out the owner of the website you are met with a dead wall. It is registered privately so there is no way to hold anyone accountable if you want your money. This is a tactic used by most fake websites which claim to pay people. Nicelogo makes its money from selling advertising space. Once you log in to their website you quickly notice how their web page is littered with adverts. The only way they get paid for selling advertisement space is if they are able to generate high traffic on their website. That is why they lure people on their website with such mouth watering offers. Their intention is not to pay you. Their true intention is to make you contribute to their high website traffic without you noticing their real motive. They keep you focused on the money they dangle in front of you and when you are focused on it, thats when their other hand takes money out of your pocket. They will also sell your personal information that you used to register with them to third parties. Not only will they waste your time, but betray your trust for financial gain. This is why it’s best to stay away from this website.

If you have been scammed by Nicelogo or want to ask any question about Nicelogo, then, Please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.

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