Review: Is Nikebt site Legit or Scam? [Revealed here]

Welcome to Review. This article will solve your all queries and some questions like is Nikebt Scam? Or is Nikebt Legit? Or is Nikebt Fake? Or is Nikebt Real?

In brief, Nikebt is a Scam site. They are not what they are showing us. They are disguising them as shopping site but in reality they are just another scam site. Do not fall on the cheap price of the branded product as this site does not have any sale authorities from the brands displayed on the site.

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What is Nikebt? Why we not recommend it?

Nikebt is an online shopping site which offer different brands products like Nike, Adidas and other. This site provide branded product at cheap rate.

The whole purpose of low price is to lure people and get their attention. This site does not have any authority to sale the products of brands displayed on the site.

Do not fall into the trap. They want you to believe that low price of product is possible.

The site does not contain its owner information. This information is vital. As the more information is available more transparent is the company. If company is not transparent it means it is not genuine.

We tried to find the information in WHOIS records but no information was available. It means they have hid their information. So it clearly made a point that this site is working suspiciously and the chance it will turn into scam soon is very high.

The FAQs of the site is hilarious. They did not talked about their product, policy, and many other concerned questions. The question in the FAQs are talking about the company delivery and their effort to get people trust.

It seems like they are begging for trust. One thing they did not understand that trust is gained.

The site want you to provide your information for the obvious reasons. The question is that your information is safe with this site or not.

We strictly recommend not to provide your information to this site. Their working is similar to scam sites. Therefore, it is not good to provide your information to untrusted site.

These sites sell people information to third party and earned good revenue for themselves. Even, they sell financial information of people or use it. They use it to theft people money. Never share your pin or password with anybody.

Making online payment on this site is not safe. As they can use your card information later without your knowledge. This site does not offer Cash on Delivery (COD). Most of the shopping sites provide.

Many genuine sites does not provide COD but genuine sites always provide enough information that is enough to have trust on them. Information is vital in digital world. It is said that information is the oil of cyber world.

The disadvantage of sharing your information is that they can send spams, malwares and DDos attack to harm your financial account or important data.

End Verdit

We do Not Recommend Nikebt site. It seems to be a shopping site but it is not. They are just another scam site came on the internet to fool people. Believe it or not people do fall into their trap.

We want people to be aware of such sites. It is our request to share this information to as much people as you can so that scammers do not take advantage of people innocence.

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If you have any doubt regarding Nikebt, please share it with us. We will be pleased to help you.