Norwex Review? Is Norwex a Scam?

Hello friends, first we want to congratulate you. You have taken your time to find out about the site or product. This is the best way to avoid a scam or unproductive products. Your search for has brings you at the right place. In this Norwex review, we are going to tackle some questions like, is Norwex Scam? Or is Norwex Legit? Or is Norwex Fake? Or is Norwex Real? There are many sites available on the internet that are selling their product as well as providing MLM scheme to earn money online. Many of the sites are not good. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary in next few lines. Norwex is not a scam. But still, we do Not Recommend this site because you will not be able to earn much. You can become their customer as their products are good but you cannot earn a passive income from this site.

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What is Is Norwex Scam or Legit Is Norwex Real or Fake Norwex Review, Norwex

What is Norwex?

Norwex is an eco-friendly Network Marketing company founded in Norway in 1994 by the person name Bjorn Nicolaisen. The story of the product goes like this Bjor the founder of the Norwex discovers a special microfiber cloth that was able to clear his windshield effectively with the aid of water only. By using the idea to using only natural way and to remove the chemicals from our life, Bjorn created a list of household product that can effectively clean things without using chemicals. This is how way Norwex born.

Norwex products

Norwex has a diverse product line that ranges from bathroom cleaner to kitchen towel and laundry detergent to toothbrush and many more. The best thing about their products is they focus on eliminating the use of harmful chemicals which is a healthy way to live a life. In their own words,

“Improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes”

We can write and review all the products of the company in this article but that is not our focus. We are writing this article so that people who want to earn passive income by being the member of Norwex can understand the reality of making money on this site.

How it works and their compensation plan?

Norwex follows the old method of marketing. They are still focusing on organizing a Home Party to recruit new members and sell their product. It is an obsolete method now. Again we are not saying that method is wrong. We are saying that method is obsolete. It is because it has a limitation of its own. One day you are going to run out of friends and family members. Now, the world has changed and methods have to be changed. Today the best way to make new recruits or affiliate is done online. Since the Internet has no limitation. By making an online site and reviewing products which help people to get readers. It eventually also bring the people who want to earn money and finding the ways. This way one can make recruits from any corner of the world.

Norwex’s compensation plan facts:

  1. In order to be their consultant and start running the business, first, you have to pay $200 to purchase their starter kit (training, marketing, and materials to help you get started with your business).
  2. Your earning will be 35% on your personal retail sales as a consultant.
  3. After making each sale, you will get double benefit i.e. you will earn a commission as well as a discount on the next batch of products.

Pros of Norwex

  1. Focus is on product: generally, many MLM companies focus on making recruitment instead of their product. So in this front Norwex is a good company. It makes them safe from being getting themselves into a pyramid scheme which is an illegal way to work.
  2. Product guarantee: this company is old enough. This makes them a brand name. They have a really good reputation which they have to maintain also. This is done by providing the guarantee of the product, not only physically but it also covered with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Cons of Norwex

  1. Starter kit: the website tells us that starter kit is free with the membership but in reality, it is not. They are not providing the right information in the beginning. There is a condition to get the free starter kit. The condition is that you need to have a minimum of $2,000 in sales within the first 90 days. If you not then you will be billed at $200.
  2. Demanding compensation plan: in order to be an active member you have to sell $250 worth of their products in every 3 months. Once you become inactive then you have to pay fees to become again active. They are generally pressurizing the people to do the sale. If someone is not able to do that he/she is going to buy their product in order to make them an active agent which leads to a serious issue of stockpiling. It is also the main reason behind people struggle in MLM Companies.
  3. Obsolete methods: Norwex does not have the latest methods which can help people to effectively make their sale. They are still living in the 1990s where they use to conduct a house party and showcase the product to their family.


There are many positive reviews also available on the internet. It is because the product is good as well as the company. We are saying that in terms of making money via this site is difficult and feasible. We do Not Recommend Norwex as there are many sites already available on the internet that offer the best ways to make money.

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If you have any doubt regarding Norwex or any other site or product please share it with us in our comment section. We will be happy to hear from you and help you.

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