Now Lifestyle Review – Is Now Lifestyle a scam?

Now Lifestyle Review – Is Now Lifestyle a scam?

Hi folks, if you are reading this article then you are searching for the Now Lifestyle. Your search has brings you to your destination. In this Now Lifestyle Review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is Now Lifestyle Scam? Or is Now Lifestyle Legit? Or is Now Lifestyle Fake? Or is Now Lifestyle Real? All questions are imperative and important to understand the working of the company. It helps to make your decision, are you investing your money in a right company. If you do want to read the whole article then we can provide you the crux of this article in next few lines and lower your burden of reading. Now Lifestyle is a not a scam and it is a very much legitimate business. Still, we do Not Recommend this site for earning purpose. This site is providing MLM strategy and it is not the best way to earn a regular income. It helps people to earn money online but not a full-time income.

If you want to earn a full-time income then you can see our list of legit sites that are working online and in reality helping people to earn an income. You can see the list by clicking the link:

In this list, the Wealthy Affiliate Company has been in the top position due to their hard work and years of experience. They have different and varied services and training on their site which helped many people to be their own boss. If you have to get more information about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

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What is Now LifeStyle Is Now LifeStyle Scam or Legit Is Now LifeStyle Real or Fake Now LifeStyle Review, Now LifeStyle

What is Now Lifestyle and how it works?

“Live, love and laugh your way to an incredible lifestyle, because life is one big party!”

This is the quote and motto of Now Lifestyle. It is good and pretty cool. Now Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. It operates within the health and wellness space. It is something people of the 21st century has become aware of i.e. their health. Today people eat, workout and stay healthy which is good. But they are working under an MLM strategy. In this strategy, people become a member of the company and then make new members downline. To know more about the MLM strategy you can click the link for more clarification:

The founder of the Now Lifestyle is Joel Therien. We can understand on the first instance this site looks like a scam but it is not. Actually, with our research, we came to understand Joel is an online entrepreneur who has launched earlier also projects related to MLM company ex. 7-minute workout, Pure Leverage, and Got Backup. Now Lifestyle is his latest project. He also owns Global Virtual Opportunities Company which sells web hosting, email marketing, and other internet marketing tools.

Now Lifestyle Product Line

  1. The ‘Now Body’ ‘health and wellness membership program
  2. Nutrition supplements
  3. Business Automation Tools

The ‘Now Body’ health and wellness membership offer you 800 workout videos that are produced by Joel Therien. As a free member, you can create a file profile by completing various questions. As a free member you will be able to first customized 10-day routine and also, you can able to track your food intake and activity each week.

If you want a full-time workout routine you have to upgrade the account which cost approximately $24.97 per month for up to five family members.

Now Lifestyle also sells supplements and nutrition capsule and other things related to health and wellness. But we are more into earning money than becoming healthy. Our focus is can one earn an income by selling their product or become their member.

Marketing Automation Tools of Now Lifestyle

  1. Autoresponder: it is a vital tool for most online business as it allows you to send follow up emails to leads and generate more sales as a result. Autoresponder is a part of GVO’s core product. As a free member 10 subscribers are allowed and after becoming a member you can add up to 5000 subscribers.
  2. Lead Capture System: it is a useful tool for promoting Now Lifestyle. You will receive ‘ready-made’ landing pages.
  3. Template builder: this tool allows you to create your own capture pages from scratch using their drag and drop editor.

Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Being an MLM company, you can earn money on both direct sales and recruiting people. The idea behind it is that first use the product and then sells it. After becoming the reseller you will be qualified to promote Now Lifestyle and will also be provided with ‘reseller tools’ to help you. Tools like email swipes, banner ads, and a number of pre-made capture pages among other things.

Three main ways to earn money with Now Lifestyle



Now Lifestyle is not a scam instead it is a very good company. They have a very good project, and products. But if you ask us that you can earn money by selling their product then our answer will be ‘yes’. You can earn money by selling any product. But you have to sell the product first. Our article is about can you earn fulltime online income then we will say ‘it is very hard on this site’. There are many other sites working online in which if you spend much time you will earn money and that is also full-time income.

Our no.1 recommended company is the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company is in the market for the last 13 years and many people have earned a very good income by working on their site. If you want to know the details of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding the Now Lifestyle and any other site please let us know. We will help you out. It will be our pleasure to help you.

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