What is Nowmusik.com? Is Nowmusik Scam?

Are you looking to know about Nowmusik.com? This is the right article to get the answer to all queries related Nowmusik site. In this Nowmusik Review, we will be going to deal with some most common questions asked by people like, is Nowmusik Scam? Or is Nowmusik Legit? Or is Nowmusik Fake? Or is Nowmusik Real? Have you ever visited any site which provides you the service like read online unlimited books, view unlimited videos or listen to unlimited songs by paying for the monthly subscription or yearly rent? If your answer is then you will understand the working of Nowmusik very easily. If you are not interested to read the full article and want just a brief about this site then we can provide you the brief. Nowmusik is a Scam and totally a fraudulent site. They are claiming to provide unlimited songs anywhere you go but in reality, they are cheating people. They use people credit card details and debit the money from their account without their consent. The Nowmusik is totally fraud and we advise you to avoid this site.

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What is Nowmusik.com Is Nowmusik Scam or Legit Is Nowmusik Real or Fake Nowmusik Review, Nowmusik

How does Nowmusik work?

As we have already mentioned the Nowmusik is a scam site. They are 100% fraudulent one. They are claiming to allow its members to stream unlimited music across their favorite platforms. It is not unique site there are other sites also present similarly to it. They trap people who use their credit cards for online shopping and online billing. These websites offer a service with a free trial on their site. The catch in their offer is that you can only avail the benefits of the trail by providing them your card details. Here, it seems you idiotic but when people do visit such sites they do not have any idea like this they just follow what was told to them. The companies like Nowmusik ask members to provide their credit card details to activate their free trial of 5 days. If the member is not satisfied with the website then they can leave the site whenever they want and the company will not charge them. But if somebody remains on their site even after 5 days then they will go to cut the monthly subscription fees using the credit card details.

It looks fair but what happened many people who joined such sites leaves the site on the first day or before 5 days. Still, the company cut the money or you can say that they debit the money from member credit card and that is also without their consent. The people who use their credit card to avail the benefits of such fraudulent sites they run a very grave risk of being charged for undetermined amounts, even when the members have canceled the subscriptions.

The company claim to charge only when a member takes a membership does not leave after train period is bogus. It is because many members have experienced charges to cancel the free registration and also some periodically charges which make no sense.

During our research about this site, we have found some complaints. The members have accused the company of the allegation of debiting of money without their consent and subscribing the monthly package without their consent. If you have visited this site before reading this article and you have submitted your card details then contact your credit card company immediately to block the transaction so that you will not get charged by fraudulent companies like Nowmusik.

The information of the owner of the Nowmusik Company is not present on the website. The fun fact is that no real person name or information is present on the site. It means the company operating members are not willing to provide their information to their members. The company is working fraudulently and that is why they hid their information in WHOIS records also.


Nowmusik is a scam site and it is our advice to leave this site in the beginning. Beware of such site and also aware people in your social circle about this site. They are just cheating the people and charge their credit card without their consent which is the most unethical way to work. They are not a genuine company and that is why they have hidden their information. Be safe and do not fall into the trap of such fraud sites.

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If you have any doubt regarding Nowmusik site, please ask us by writing us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you. 

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  1. We are many peoples afected by this company (I have been staoled for 600.00 Eur.)
    I propose to create a plataform of all afected by this company in order to start legal accion agains it
    to contact me: jorferan425@gmail.com

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