Is NuCerity Scam? Disguise Pyramid Scheme or something else.

Is NuCerity Scam? Disguise Pyramid Scheme or something else.

Hello friends, if you are looking for the information about NuCerity site then you have arrived at the right place. In this NuCerity Review, we will try to solve all your curiosity.

There are some questions that people generally asked a lot like, is NuCerity Scam? Or is NuCerity Legit? These are essential questions that help them to understand the working of the company and to take a decision.

We appreciate your efforts that you have put to know about this site. This is the best way to avoid scam sites and find the other sites that are legitimate. You can also see our list of Legit Site here: Link:

Disclaimer: we are not involved with this company in any way. So this opinion is going to be unbiased and totally based on the facts.

Company: NuCerity International

Founders: David Dillingham, Richard Jaenicke& Lonnie McKinney in 2008

Cost: $59/year- to get started and $120/month as autoship

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Brief: NuCerity is not a scam site. It is a pretty much legit site. It is like any other MLM Company in the market, which is offering you an opportunity to be its distributor. Still, we do Not Recommend this company to our readers because it is not the best place to earn an income. More than 90% of people have failed in this pursuit.

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Is NuCerity Scam Disguise Pyramid Scheme or something else.

What is NuCerity?

NuCerity is the network marketing company which is dealing in the product made for skincare and wellness. Basically, it is an MLM Company who have health care products.

NuCerity was founded in 2008. Its parent organization is ARIIX Holdings, LLC which is another MLM company.

NuCerity website proposes that “they are all about inspiring and empowering people to look, feel and live better lives through their products and the business”.

Do not get impressed by such lines. These are nothing but the cliché every company sells to its consumer and members.

NuCerity Product Line

You will find only 10 products in the basket of NuCerity (at the time of writing this article).

It is good as well as bad at the same time. Similarly, every coin has two sides. It is good because it gave an impression that the company is dedicated to quality of product and since they have less product line which shows their commitment.

The bad part is that since they have only 10 products which means earning a good income will be difficult. It is because you do not have a variety of products and your customer is not having a variety which hampers the sales.

  1. Skincerity: it is the flagship product of NuCerity. It is a skincare product. It claims to have this unique and patented “Breathable Barrier Technology”.
  2. Elite: it is a nutritional supplement which helps to support the anti-oxidants, anti-aging, and immune system. This is also the only supplement NuCerity have in its basket.
  3. Body Silk: it is another skin product, which claims to be a unique combination of oils and nutrients to hydrate your skin. It is a product which provides you with a protection against harsh environmental conditions whole day.
  4. Rejuvenating Barrier: another skin product to hydrate your skin and to use under makeup.
  5. Eye Effects: it is an anti-aging product. It is like an advanced serum. To nourish the thin and fragile skin around the eyes. It is formulated to target three critical signs of aging: fine lines around the eyes, dark circles, and under-eye puffiness.
  6. Advanced Exfoliator: it is another skin care product that brightens the tone and texture of face. It also rejuvenating dry and rough skin.

Now the real question about which we have expertise.

How to earn money with NuCerity?

In general, all the MLM Companies work on the same pattern. They first sell their product to you. They say to their distributors that they cannot sell the product until or unless they use them on their own and tell them their experience.

After becoming their member, you got two options to earn money. First, you can earn money or retail commission by selling the product in retail.

The other option is that you can make another person a distributor like you. It is nothing but recruiting new member downline. You will earn a commission on that and believe us this is the only option that will help you to earn good money.

It is because the company encourages their distributors to make new members by giving a good commission on recruitment and also commission downline.

These all seem good but to earn commission members have to give a required amount of business to the company. It shows them as an active member and then they are able to get their commission.

If you are not an active member then it will hamper your commission.

Three steps to Get Started with NuCerity?

  1. Enroll yourself first: to get enroll you have to buy $59 Starter Kit. It consists of a personalized website with complete ordering and fulfillment systems. It is used to promote their product in which you can review the product and made other people your member.

This is your virtual office and you have this system for 1 year. To continue you have to pay $59 every year.

  1. Activate: your starter kit does not consist products. To become active member then you have to purchase another package of at least 100CV (Commissionable Volume, the sales unit assigned to each product).
  2. Combination Pack – $800
  3. Builder Pack – $800
  4. Business Pack – $450
  5. Get qualify and remain active: as we have already said about this earlier. You have to recruit 2 people downline and form up 2 legs underneath your team.
  6. You have to qualify for commission every month in order to stay active. At least 100CV every single month is required for the same which comes out to be $120/month.

It works against the distributors as many people are not able to generate such good revenue for the company. So to keep themselves as an active member they buy the product by themselves. It means instead of earning the money people are losing their own money. It looks like some kind of punishment.

NuCerity Compensation Plan

There are 10 ways to earn money:

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Preferred Customer Profits
  3. First Order Bonus
  4. Start Bonus
  5. Team Volume Commissions
  6. Team Commission Matching Bonus
  7. Mentor Bonus
  8. Bulk Order Bonus
  9. Additional Income Centers
  10. Diamond Rewards

We tell you one thing crystal clear, the compensation plans of every MLM company is same i.e. confusing. At the end, everyone is aiming to recruit more people and this way you are going to earn commission very simple.

The different compensation plans told them unique but the end every plan converge into making recruits. So we are not wasting your and our time discussing them in detail.

Cons of NuCerity

  1. Disguise Pyramid Scheme: the pyramid scheme is the one in which the company keeps its focus on recruiting more people instead of selling their product. It is an illegal scheme which is banned in many countries.

The way NuCerity is working it seems that they are working as a pyramid scheme. Since it is a pretty much legit company, we believe that they are not scamming others. But to keep yourself safe to should avoid this site.

  1. Old Market Recruiting strategy: the company still encourage people to sell their products and recruit new members from family or social circle. It can benefit you in the initial period but in long term, they are not going to help you. How? We are going to discuss it later in the article.
  2. Costly Startup package: it gave no sense to buy such expensive products or starter package which is not going to help you to earn a money you are dreaming. There are many other ways available on the internet that can help you to earn good income without spending huge money.

Pros of NuCerity

  1. Tested products: it is good about the company that their product is patented and clinically tested. This assures that company products have quality and they are beneficial for skin as they promise.
  2. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: this also assures that the company is genuine and take their job seriously.

Why do more than 90% people fail in MLM?

It is because people take the wrong path from the beginning. Many or we can say that almost every MLM company distributors or members show the newbies the dream. The dream to earn without limit. The dream to do not work after their 30s, as their downline will going to earn for them.

In the middle of their claims they never told their members that it hard to earn such a money. It is possible but it is tough and it is not going to come easily.

Instead of saying the truth, the distributors told them they should join it without hesitation. The newbies fall in this trap and become the distributors. The problem is that they do not know about the market or marketing of the product.

They do as the company told them they try to sell their products and membership to known people, family members or people in a social circle. The good thing about it is that you can earn initially good with this strategy as many people are not going to say no to you and many people will going to support you.

The bad point is that this list is going to be saturated in a few days. After this, you will not be able to sell the products. This is what happens more than 90% of people.

Since they are not earning any money, they will be going to lose their interest and motivation to work further. People stop working at this stage and get failed.

The same thing happens with the people downline. Nobody is working and nobody is earning.


NuCerity is not a scam site. They are legit. But there is a difference between having an opportunity and converting it into success. We do not recommend this site and keep a distance from this. If you are an expert on marketing business or know about it then you can give a shot as the company is good.

For newbies, it is not the place to work. The problem is the lack of knowledge which companies are not bothered about. You have to learn about it before you start good money.

Our no. 1 recommendation company, the Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one which can help you. You can search about it or read about it over and compare other sites, you will found it better than everybody. It is because we are in this business and we know how other sites work. This company has training programs, services, and tools to help people to build their own online business. The most important point is that this company is very transparent and they do not hide any upsell from their members. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, you can click here:

If you have any doubt about NuCerity, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.