What is Obimoney.club? Is Obimoney Scam?

What is Obimoney.club? Is Obimoney Scam?

There might be some questions or doubt about the Obimoney.club. You might be searching to earn money online and your search led to you the Obimoney website. In this Obimoney review, we will solve the questions that disturb many people like, is Obimoney Scam? Or is Obimoney Legit? Or is Obimoney Real? Or is Obimoney Fake? Earning money is not difficult on the internet according to many sites and one of them is Obimoney. According to this site, you can earn money by watching the advertisement. It is not alone in the market there are many sites working similar to it. The only problem with such sites is that they are not good for anything. It is one of the PTC sites that we never recommend on our site. If you are not concerned about the reasons and want to get the crux of this article then we can provide that in next few lines. The brief or crux of Obimoney is that “Obimoney is a scam website” so stay away from this site. we already added this site in our “Avoid Scam” list. The company is a scam because the company is not paying to its members, it is the main and most important reason. They had never paid to its members. All the data and statistics shown on the company homepage are bogus and fake. The information available is not real.

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What is Obimoney.club Is Obimoney Scam or Legit Is Obimoney Real or Fake Obimoney Review, Obimoney

How does Obimoney work?

As we have already mentioned that the Obimoney is a scam website. Let us we more talk about how it is working. We will discuss why we are declaring it a scam website. The working of Obimoney website is very simple. Obimoney is going to pay its members for watching the advertisement on their website. First, you have to register yourself and then after registration, you will be able to see the list of advertisement on your dashboard. The payment company is offering is the 10 cent for every advertisement you view. It might look very low but it is not. Since the company is working on the internet it means their reach is global and millions of people can watch it. If only 1 million people watch the ads then they are going to pay $10000 for viewing only one ad. It is not possible for any genuine company to work like it or pay for it. It simply marks that Obimoney is not a legit website and our claims to prove this site scam is done.

The company has a referral program on its site for its members. The referral programs are work in many marketing sites to gain traffic or people. The company pays commission to its members. Referral commission is good and we are discussing it. The disturbing part is that Obimoney does not any real product or service to sell. This company total focus is on making the new referrals. The company whose main focus is based on recruitment of new people, it means it is working on an illegal Scheme. The scheme is banned in many countries. This is not the ethical, moral or good way to work and especially for the site which is dealing with public and money.

Information is the new oil of digital world. Many hackers try to get the information from a different company database. A company that lacks transparency and hide their information on their official websites then it means that company is not good. This is the same case with the Obimoney site. They did not provide any information about their owner or the real persons or team or professional working on this site. They hide their information in the WHOIS records also that create more doubt on the working of the company. To hide information in the WHOIS records is the luxury availed by the scammers. It is not good to work on a site that lacks transparency.

Companies like Obimoney ask people to share their information with them They ask people or member about their personal as well financial information. On on any sites about which we do not know, never share your information with them. They might use your information for their own personal benefits. Many non-genuine sites sell the information of their members to the third party. There are many different ways present by which companies use people information for their own benefits and sometimes those benefits are unscrupulous in nature.


Obimoney is not a good site. Actually, it is a scam site. The reasons to declare it a Scam is already discussed. We are not going to discuss them again. We advise you to keep a distance from this site and avoid this site in the beginning. We have placed a true and unbiased review of the Obimoney in front of you. Now, it is your turn to share this information with the people in your social circle. So that they will become aware of scam site and does not lose their money due to ignorance.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Obimoney site then you can write us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.