What is Octoin.com? Is Octoin Scam or Legit?

Are you searching the web about Octoin.com? You are reading the right article. In this Octoin review, we will solve some frequently asked important questions. The questions like, is Octoin Scam? Or is Octoin Legit? Or is Octoin Fake? Or is Octoin Real? You must be wondering about this website, basically, it is like other investment websites that allow you to invest on their website. They will pay a sure-2 interest to you. The interest is very high and profitable for the members. Investment in this website is good or not we will discuss later in the article. If you cannot wait until the end and does not have any interest in the reasons, then we can brief it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Octoin website. It is working in Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. Both of them are the illegal schemes which are banned in many countries.

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What is Octoin.com Is Octoin Scam or Legit Is Octoin Real or Fake Octoin Review, Octoin

How does Octoin work?

As we have already mentioned that the Octoin is website that allows you to invest your money on their website. It is got very profitable investment plans for its members. The company is basically offering a platform where you invest and rest. The company will take care of other things. You have to just sit back and see your money increasing every day. The Octoin is claiming to pay up to 1.11% profit every day for 150 days by investing the money of members in ICO companies. The company claim that they invest in cryptocurrency trading and mining business to creates its own cryptocurrency known as Octoin Coin. It fails to provide the proof to support its claims. In reality, the claims are bogus because no genuine cryptocurrency mining company can guarantee the fixed rate of return in fix period of time. Since the company does not have any plan to pay members that is claimed. Therefore, the company will be going to pay its old members from the money invested by the new members and this is exactly how the Ponzi scheme works. It makes the business model of Octoin unsustainable.

There are very high chances that company initially, or to some people. It is because to have some genuine backing from the members to show them as a proof of their legitimacy. The company legitimacy and credibility is depended upon the transparency level of its working. The owner detail of Octoin is not provided to the members on its official website. The website claims to be a company from UK, Singapore, and Chine but there is no proof available to justify their claims. It has only provided the registration certificate from the UK Companies House. The Company is registered under the company name: OCTOIN LIMITED and the company number: 10908068. This certificate is not solid enough to prove an Investment Company legit. It is because many websites already listed on our Not Recommended list got the same certificate. Anyone can get this certificate by paying just 20GBP.

The company has also a referral commission on its website. The company is offering 7 level referrals. The company is not selling any real product or services on its website. It means that company is going to pay commission from the money invested by the new member, which makes it another illegal scheme, known as Pyramid scheme. This makes the company more non-reliable from the investment point of view.


We do Not Recommend Octoin website due to various reasons and issues discussed in the above paragraphs. They are just our opinion and arguments which we find valid. If you still want to invest in this company then you are free to do it. It is your money and you are responsible for it. Be wise and always ask the stated questions before investing any money on any investment website.

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If you got any kind of doubt left regarding Octoin website, please share it with us. You can write it in our comment section. We will be pleased to help you.

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