Whether Octopus Group is legit or not? Octopus Group Review

Due to the vast globalization people are running towards the legit ways to earn money online. As we are aware of the fact that there are hundreds of sources of earning money online but we cannot assure you with the fact that they are legitimate and worth working with. Therefore we congratulate you all for investing your valuable time in investigation about the company you think of starting with.

Recently we came across an Australian survey panel namely Octopus Group which claims to perform best of all the survey platforms. Hence, the claim cannot be trusted until an intense research is been through.

Therefore in this article we will cover all the topics and conclude whether Octopus Group is a legit survey site or another trick played by the routers.

Whether Octopus Group is legit or not? Octopus Group Review

What is Octopus Group?

Basically, Octopus Group is a survey panel which operates only in Australia. For joining Octopus Group you must be 18+. The survey panel was developed in the start of 2000 by Simon Rogerson and Chris Hulatt. Being one of the oldest website the company is popular among the Australians.

If you join Octopus Group you will be able to influence the products and services of leading brands by submitting valuable comments and appreciation. These suggestions can be taken into consideration by the respective companies in order to improve the quality of their products and services.

With Octopus Group you will be able to fetch a much better amount than the orthodox survey panels we have glimpsed before.

Hence, we claim that Octopus Group is a legit and trustworthy platform which allows you to earn money by sharing honest reviews. Till the time you are honest with your reviews you have no chance of facing any kind of obstacle.

As mentioned above that only the residents of Australia who are above 18 can join Octopus Group but even people above 15 can also become one of the members of Octopus Group by taking the permission of their parents or guardians.

How Octopus Group does tend to work?

Firstly the interested people will be required to fill a sign up form in order to become the member of Octopus Group. There you will have to confirm your email address and contact number in order to avoid the issue of multiple accounts.

The registration is quick where you will invest approximate 4-5 minutes and hassle free.

The benefit of using Octopus Group is that you can also download the app which can be used anywhere from the comfort zone. This will increase your chances of earning more money and at the same time reducing the independency on the computer. Luckily, the application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Thereafter you will be required complete your demographic profile which includes brief questions like employment, marital status, education, annual income, number of members in family and much more.

Completing surveys:

The main source of earning through Octopus Group is by taking surveys. The company will send you invitations for the available surveys via email which you have submitted earlier. The invitations send you to depend on your demographic profile that you have filled. It is advisable to start the surveys immediately the moment you receive an invitation for because of the reason that these surveys fill up easily and as a result will increase competition for you.

Once you accept the invitation you will have to go through a screening test which consists of few questions to check the suitability of the candidate. If you qualify the screening test you will be taken to the survey directly. In case you do not get qualified don’t feel back-stabbed because surprisingly it’s the case with each and every survey site. You will have to face failure with patience so that next time you can confidently participate in the future survey.

As mentioned above that Octopus Group is the most popular survey panel in all of the Australia due to their long term operation and secondly their paying rate. Octopus Group is shaking the basis of other traditional survey panels by paying 80% – 400% more than any other platform. In simpler words, traditional survey panels pays you $1 each survey you conquer but on the contrary you should expect to fetch $2 – $5 per survey you complete.

Hence the amount of money you fetch depends totally on the length of the survey. Most of the surveys invest 10 – 20 minutes of your valuable time.

Inviting Friends:

Fortunately, Octopus Group provides another generous opportunity to earn more money by inviting friends. According to the rumors Octopus Group has an amazing referral program which is very genuine.

Once your friend joins Octopus Group using your referral code your account will be credited with $1. Plus you will also receive $1 for every 19 surveys that your referral completes initially. This sums to $20 which you will receive per referral. Hence we advise you o focus equally on the referral to fetch a good amount.

For this purpose make sure you share your referral code on every possible social media site where you think you can attract more people to join the company.

Once you accumulate $20 you can request for the payment. Your payments are transferred through bank account for which you will have to submit the details of the bank account. Therefore remember to delete the details once you receive your payment.


  • Joining Octopus Group is hassle free.
  • Fortunately the survey panel provides a referral program which is very amazing.
  • Income potential is high.
  • The company provides an application for their surveys.
  • Popular and generous Australian survey panel.


  • The minimum limit to request payment is $20 which is quite very high.
  • The company does not provide PayPal for payments which is considered the most reliable source of payment.


In our final verdict we conclude that Octopus Group is a legit and trustworthy survey panel which provides scam free occasion to earn money to the residents of Australia.

The company claims to pay the highest survey rate than any other survey panel. Therefore for taking surveys you will be required to qualify a screening test which is difficult to do.

The downfall with the company Octopus Group is that the minimum threshold i.e. $20 which is quiet impossible to reach within few weeks.

Therefore we recommend Octopus Group to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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